Blogtoberfest : It's a WRAP and a giveaway winner

Well, that felt like a marathon....

A marathon where I had a few naps along the way......sorry about the missed days.

I actually really enjoyed Blogtoberfest.  

Found some great new blogs to follow and enjoyed blogging.

I also loved the responses to my Christmas Bunting Giveaway !

You all love Christmas as much as I do ! 

Thank you for sharing  what you love about Christmas with me.....

I loved reading your Christmas stories and memories. tells me that the luck winner was #7 : 

I love so much about Christmas! The church services my church always runs, Christmas carols, decorating the tree with my kids, and a huge lunch with my family. :)

I love that list of Christmas traditions. 

My Christmas bunting will be on it's way to you very soon Deb.

And there's a chance I am taking a blog break.....I think I need it.

Happy Wednesday,

Dee x


  1. I think you've earns it! Well done on your blg month adventure!


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