Friday, 18 April 2014

Pa : Lest We Forget

Alongside the long weekend of Easter festivities, Good Friday is an important day in our family's calendar. 

We remember and celebrate my Pa and his Rats of Tobruk Army mates. 

Good Friday marks the anniversary of their most significant  battle in the Middle East in World War 2. 

Every year I remember the service that Pa and his mates would hold with reverence and gratitude. 

And, in Aussie spirit, the afternoon after the service, was spent with sandwiches, pots of beer, tall tales and laughter. 

As these men and their remarkable wives have passed, the younger generations have taken on the mantle on honoring this date in our history. 

This photo amazes me. 

What were the thoughts of this young strapping country boy ? 

24, drinking beer in the middle of the desert. Far away from the family farm in country Victoria. Serving his country.  

Was he scared about not making it home ? 

He did return. Married a beautiful girl and raised two talented daughters. Five happy grand kids. 

I'm forever grateful for the sacrifices of my Pa and his army mates. Grateful for their friendship, comeradie and sense of history. 

Today we toast to you. 

I miss  you Pa x

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Herbert Cafe : Northcote

Silver linings right ???

My current (extremely high) pain level has left me incapable of driving. 

It's also required many visits to my super amazing Osteopath and Massage therapists. 

And public transport. 

I'm not a 'check the timetable' type public transport user. More a 'well, I'm ready and I have crochet, so let's go' type. 

Which means that I am often early for appointments. Here's where the silver linings kick in. 

The Herbert is all the things I love in a cafe.  An inviting space. great green initiatives and most importantly GREAT coffee.

Looking at a space and thinking outside the box, you know, like a market in a dark band room of a pub ,The Herbert is located in what was a car park. With some clever building and graffiti covered brick walls, the space is transformed and is now a perfect and at times busy cafe. 

All opposite Northcote train station and just a short walk to Northcote High street. 

Did I mention the really good coffee ? 

It's my new favourite spot and you can often find me and my crochet nursing a strong flat white. 

You can find The Herbert at 41 Arthurton Road, Northcote and on  Instagram The Herbert Cafe on Urbanspoon

Monday, 14 April 2014

Dear Ruby........The Birthday Stills Edition "

Dear Ruby.......

Oh my sweet girl !

Even though it wasn't quite your birthday we celebrated your second "Happy Happy" this weekend. 

Those big brown eyes melt my heart. 

Always so very BUSY. This time telling Daddy that we were at the cafe. 

Your mama and I are stayed up late and "styled" your Happy Happy.
Lots of lollies. And pink.

Bewildered. I think you were a little bemused that we were all wearing pink party hats. 

Luckily your big sis was on hand to help blow out the candles. 

I think the airport toy was a hit ! Especially as you fly off on another adventure soon. You were very busy telling everyone who goes in the aeroplane. 

This was your sweet reaction to your Mummy, Daddy, big sister, big brother, Georgie and I singing Happy Birthday. Or 'Happy Happy'. I'm not sure you could quite believe it really was all for you. 

Sweet, sweet girl. 

Showing DOG, your constant companion, your birthday cake.

So very chuffed and pleased with cake and presents and extra kisses you were.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.
You are funny, smart, demanding, mischievous, cheeky, adorable and very lovable.
You are a joy in our lives.

Love Dee Dee xx

Friday, 4 April 2014

Changing the stitch at a time.

You know one of the things I love the most about the craft community ??

When someone needs help to raise money, awareness or supplies, the craft community rallies.

One stitch at a time. One creative idea at a time.

Like this one. Which might be too pretty to wash my dishes with !

Or this one. I'll be crocheting up some washcloths as soon as my gorgeous organic cotton arrives.

Tomorrow sees the launch of another project. A project that I am very pleased to be able to support.

Creating a Welcome : one woman sits and feels disheartened by everything she's hearing about the treatment of refugees by this country. she shares her concerns with her friends, once during a quiet evening of knitting with a friend, over facebook, over the phone:: then all of a sudden there's a whole host of creatives itching to start making stuff to help!

being the kind of people who regularly devise plans to hold market stalls for very worthy causes, we naturally came to a plan to gather compassionate crafters together to support the Asylum Seekers' Resource Centre, who are making a real difference to the lives of asylum seekers via everything from advocacy to material help.

This idea resonated strongly with me.

As does beautiful handmade shopping.

Creating a Welcome are holding their first market stall TODAY at Northern Regards Artisan Market.
Northcote Social Club, 301 High Street, Northcote 11am - 4pm.

Changing the world is a stretch.....but doing SOMETHING has to be better than doing nothing.
Right ?
One stitch at a time.......

Friday, 21 March 2014

To market, to market......An ode to markets.

"To market, to market, to buy a plum bun**,
Home again, home again, market is done"

I love markets. 

I love the feeling of entering an empty room knowing it will soon be filled with the nervous energy of stallholders setting up their stalls. 

I love that expectant calm just before the doors open. 

I love the excited noise of sellers selling and happy customers making purchases. 

I love the sugar high that comes from delicious market stall cupcakes (or lemon tarts***) 

I love the conversations.  

I LOVE the market community.

I love the talented stallholders. 

I love the pack up (some days, I really love the pack up) and ‘thankyous’ and ‘see you next times'.

I love the satisfaction of closing the door on an empty room at the end of a successful day. 

It's market day TODAY with Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market ! 

And then on April 5th it's Northern Regards Artisan Market day again.... 

Just as well I love it. 

*** Except it's a lemon tart from Melbourne Epicure......not a plum bun 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Blogging, coffee and thrifting....! Oh my !

"So, how do you know these women you are meeting?''

"Well.....define 'know' "

This was the conversation between my beloved and I as she drove me to the station EARLY on a fine Sunday morning. I was off to meet some bloggers for a morning of market thrifting, chatting and lunch.

Now, technically, I didn't know any of the lovely ladies. Except......I felt like I did.

Recycled Fashion was one of the very first blogs I ever followed.  Add to that,  Erica and I  have had many a conversation, so I definitely felt  like I knew her, even if this was the first time we'd actually met.

You get it right ??? Yep. I knew you would.

Erica had invited a lovely group of bloggers  along to Camberwell Market for a spot of thrifting and lunch.

Occasionally not being able to drive has it's perks. 
Only two trains and a read of the paper and I was there with no parking hassles in sight. 

Camberwell Market is an eclectic mix of the fabulous and not so fabulous. Vintage and not so vintage.

Fashion, homewares, jewellery, fabric....and everything in betwee. 

It literally has something for everyone.

These brooches were my fave find of the day ! 

Made by upcycling old wooden rulers, they were everything my brooch wearing, upcycling loving heart was looking for. The character who makes and sells them regaled us with tall tales (see what I did there!) of how he makes them, where he finds his rulers and the most popular design. Which much to his dismay was the very one his wife suggested. We heard the distinct ringing of an " I told you so" in this tale.

After browsing the market and making our purchases, we headed to My Other Brother for a well deserved coffee and brunch. Put a bunch of like minded bloggers together and there is no shortage of conversation.

I came home with a few market treasures and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when people who know online turn out to be just as lovely in real life.
And you discover even more lovely people that blog, snap photos and write beautifully.

And then I napped for five hours.

Thanks Erica and Nuffnang for organising and hosting.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Snippets

Sunday again.......and the end of another month.
 Quietly pleased to see the end of February, you were not kind.

In the wise words of {tinniegirl} 
"{sunday snippets} a collection of photos from your week. no need for words. Let the pictures tell your story."

Happy Sunday.