Monday, 1 September 2014

Sunday Snippets.....The 'only good things happen on the internet' version.

In the interests of only showing the good stuff on the internet.....
here's a Sunday Snippets fill of the great things that happened this week.

Zero mention of the pain flare up, being housebound for a few days, 
strong painkillers and lots of sleep. 

Nope, no mention of those. 


A great session of Make Craft Your Business with local creative ladies.

A day of sofa sitting, popcorn eating, crocheting and Emmy watching. 

Packing up 'Happy New Home' gifts for a sweet friend.

Look who's here !!! Kissess from Ruby make everything better !

Friends that arrive with delicious cheese, wine and bread
 and wine and conversation are very good friends indeed ! 
Thanks {tinniegirl}

An invite from NuffangAU to play creatives with  DoReMe Creative 
as part of SO:ME Space at South Melbourne Market. 
We painted, glued and created. 
Such a great way to spend a few hours. 

How glorious was the last day of winter ??? 

A sunny Sunday was the perfect day to have brunch outside with three of my favourites.

And, it's going to be a GREAT week.

It is. A great week.

Dee x

Thursday, 28 August 2014

A month of wearing Handmade

Over the last three years I have been happily collecting beautiful handmade from the clever women at
 Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market.

To celebrate the start of Spring and as September is my birthday month, 
I am celebrating all that glorious handmade.

Everyday in September, I pledge to wear a different item made by Made 'n Thornbury crafters.

I'll be posting pics to my Instagram and Facebook. I'm sure there'll be a few blog posts as well..... 

Given that I never leave the house without a brooch and scarf, I'm sure the wearing won't be a challenge. Having photo ready hair everyday of the month may be a different story..... 

And of course if I run out of handmade.....well then I'll just have to buy more ! 

Ahhhh the things we do to promote our causes.

Enjoy your weekend,

Sunday Snippets

Well hello Sunday. I'm quite relieved to see you....

A tough week seen through the haze of (seemingly) endless painkillers. 

As is typical, my camera only captures the best of the week. In doing so, reminds me that actually, there were some moments that shone. 

Unexpected thoughtful gifts arrived on my door step. 

A day so great it felt like a whole weekend.....on a Wednesday. 


To market, to market. A sunshine filled day and a very successful Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market. 

Sunday in Melbourne. Despite today's grey clouds, you could feel it! Spring is most definitely on the way. 

So another week. End of another month and season. Hoping Spring brings an end to this latest increase in pain. Just as surely as it will bring my birthday. 

Happy Sunday,

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Sunday (Wednesday) Snippets

I've had the best (day) weekend.

The last week has been really tough with a nasty pain flare up.

But (today) this weekend, G decided that staying home wasn't actually making me feel any better. With little regard for my one-armed status, it was decided. 

I found myself dressed, caffeinated and out the door. 

A very productive dr appointment, G then took me out for lunch. All that sunlight and fresh air and live stimulation !

We ran some errands. (Sounds so much better than, got our jobs done, doesn't 't it?) 

We then headed to our favourite bar, The AleHouse Project. 
Don 't look at me like that ..... It's the weekend ! 

Our all time favourite craft brew, Feral Brewing's Barrel Fermented Hop Hog, was on tap... Thank goodness for comfy, high backed sofas. 

Home for relaxing night in front of Lifestyle Property shows and a home cooked meal. Cooked by G. 

A perfect, lovely (day) weekend.

And you know what, she was right, I'll be very sore tomorrow. And I was today. But I wouldn't have felt better at home. Tomorrow, I'll be back on the couch. But (today ) this weekend..... Well..... 

Ever had a great (day) weekend that was just what you needed? 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Sunday Snippets....the Geelong edition

Oh hello there,

Normal programming has seemingly returned. 

Sunday Snippets.....a weekend jaunt down to Geelong and 'home'. 

Time spent with the extended family, a trip to the footy, adorable little people to have fun and glasses of wine round the fire. 

Daffodils appearing at Mum and Dad's

Red wine by the open fire

My cousin makes gorgeous kids !! 
This adorable little girl and I ran around and played and generally had a great time. 

Commando crawls are highly entertained for everyone involved ! 
Selfies, beers and cheers at the footy ! 
My uncle is a long time passionate Geelong fan, but living in Qld, has never been to a home game. 
There was high excitement, emotion and relief as the Cats won a great game. 

I love the atmosphere of a live game. 

Sunday was a mother and daughter day. 

And just one more photo of this cute lil munchkin. 

Hope you have a great week,


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Parting is such sweet sorrow.....

I'm  a bit glum today.

My very, most favourite neighbours are moving away.

Well, they're not actually moving, but I won't see them anymore. You see, we made a point of catching up every Wednesday. But times change and we can't do that any longer.

Oh these people ! They are good people.

Crazy, funny, complicated, interesting, real, talented, honest and just a little dysfunctional.

But what family isn't a little dysfunctional.

This family has it all. Parents, who perhaps, should be thinking about retiring and taking up a hobby, but instead are still bed hopping, making questionable decisions and maybe drinking too much. However, they love their kids and grandkids. The heart of the home is the kitchen table where we've witnessed many a raucous family gathering.

There are three kids in the family. All grown with jobs (finally), some with their own homes and all with their own families and dramas. They all come back home though. To laugh, cry, be angry. And eat.

The boy child. Golden haired and youngest has taken his time to settle. To grow up. But he has and turned into a remarkable man. Husband. Father. And now Mexican food entrepreneur. He even got a haircut. He's a good soul and his wife and kids ground him.

The middle child. Let me get to her in a minute.

The eldest. Well, you can hear coming from a mile away ! Clack, clack, clacking down the street in her heels. Always in a hurry. Oversized bag slung over her shoulder. Usually shouting into her phone.
She's passionate. Wild. Always with a very strong opinion. Cross her family and you cross her. If you dare.
She's done it hard the last few years, lots of ups and downs. But I think she's going to be ok. We saw the loveliest reunion with her and her rocker husband last night. Passionate. Possibly ill advised.
They'll make it. It'll be loud and bumpy and passionate, but they'll make it. And they are a wonderful aunt and uncle to the growing brood of nieces and nephews.

As with every good tale, there is a support crew. The partners, colleagues and friends. This family keep you close. The colleagues become friends and family. This has lead to over sharing and awkwardness, but they muddle through. It's this continued drama and life's characters that I'll miss the most.

Now, the middle child. How do I describe her.
Smart, intelligent, good, anxious, loving, lovable, frustrating, independant, strong, vulnerable, highly strung, complicated.....
A doctor, she is very good at her job. A new mother. She has taken to this role better than anyone expected. With poise and grace and just the right amount of late night angst.
And in an extremely difficult scenario, you see last year, tragically, her partner was killed. Days before the birth of their child. Oh, it makes me cry just thinking about it.
The sight of her at his funeral. Alone in a sea of people. Widowed and nine months pregnant.
Theirs had been  a turbulent and passionate love story. He's the great love of her life.

She's a survivor though. She has survived this year and flourished as  a mother and sister and daughter.
All in her unique style. Oh, and talking style ! She is one stylish woman. I see her around Fitzroy, Northcote, Carlton in her unique mix of layers and boots. Never without a scarf. Never one to shy away from colour.

That's going to be a memory I keep. Her, walking the inner North Melbourne streets, over thinking and talking to herself, skinny jeans, great boots, flowing green top and floral scarf. Silver hoops dangling from her ears.

Maybe she's on her way to St Francis. To start a day of drama with Dr Clegg, Kim, Zarah and Cherie.

Maybe she's picking up Zoe from Geraldine's, where Darcy is playing the guitar and Geraldine has a glass of wine in hand.

Maybe she's heading to Jimmy's Tacos to help solve a Jimmy drama.

Maybe she's meeting Leo for coffee. Oh thank goodness for goofy, adorable, Leo !

Maybe she's heading to the pub. For one of Mick's gigs. Billie's there, telling  her that needs to have more sex and wash her hair.

Maybe she's headed home. With Zoe. And as she walks in the door, content to be home. Patrick will appear from the shadows with that smile of his.Oh that smile ! And those eyes...
Only in her imagination of course. As he lovingly watches of her and their daughter.

Maybe she'll be back in our lives.


Until then, farewell Nina.
Farewell Proudmans. 

My Melbourne : Piccadilly Market Williamstown

You would be forgiven for thinking that with all the markets I attend, that the last place I would want to be on a free weekend is another market.   You'd be wrong. 

I love markets. All markets. And would happily spend each weekend browsing handmade, farmers and second hand markets.  While that is certainly more than possible here in Melbourne, my budget and partner's tolerance does not stretch that far.

So, it was with excitement that I accepted an invitation from Nuffnang Australia to attend the very first Williamstown Piccadilly Market. 

The entrance to the market looked amazing with balloons, ribbons and lace.

Now, in my world of craft markets, having successfully built an amazing market presence in Geelong with Piccadilly,  the lovely Janina  is a bit of a rock star ! And yes, I had a total fangirl moment and told her so ! 

The market on June 22nd was Piccadilly's first foray into the Melbourne market scene. Held at the iconic and stately Williamstown Town Hall, the Piccadilly team put together a beautiful market. 

We were treated to a yummy picnic breakfast and much needed coffee before we took off on a scavenger hunt.  We dashed around the market, before it was open to the adoring public,  looking for clues......well until I was distracted by all the amazing goodies ! 

A very happy group of bloggers on a Sunday morning

the incomparable Koolaman Designs

After our scavenger hunt we were rewarded with the most amazing goodie bag I have ever seen !! 
It took some convincing when I got home that I didn't actually spend ALL our money on market day goodies. 

Bellalu - the most amazing lip balm EVER and beautiful stall presentation

I was also very lucky to win a voucher to spend on the day - see..... Instagram has it's benefts !
I bought myself a sheesh skirt which I LOVE and have worn many, many times since. 

I have to admit as a lover of handmade, I was a little surprised at the amount of non-Australian made goods available at some of the stalls. The debate of what constitutes handmade and hand designed rages on. 
That said, the market was beautiful and there were a great many stallholders that were completely Melbourne designed AND made. 

I think Piccadilly is a very welcome addition the Melbourne market scene. I wish Janina and her stallholders the very best of luck and I will definitely be popping into the next one :
Sunday November 9th 10am - 3pm, Williamstown Town Hall. 

From my stunning goodie bag...... Okay Luna, Dear Mabel, Unmatched Candles
this was just a small taster of the amazing goodies in our bag ! 

Monday, 4 August 2014

My Melbourne Winter Survival List....

Ok, so, just to state the's been very cold in Melbourne this week. Very cold.

I do love the four seasons, even when they occur all on the same day. I think Winter just takes some extra motivation. The instinct is stay in and hibernate. But we do Winter so very well in this fine city.....

Here's my Mebourne Winter Survival List....

1.Embrace the scarf/glove/boot/jacket combo.

2.See a show - Melbourne rewards you for leaving the house in winter with all her theaters putting on shows.

3.Cook - this weather calls for slow cooked red meat and equally delicious red wines. Baked goods - get that oven cranking and bake. The extra layers are forgiving of your baked goods.

4.Get outside - when the winter sun is shining, it doesn't matter what the temperature is. Walk to the park or pub..... Just take an umbrella. And wear layers.

5.Find an open fireplace and a great winter ale or glass of red. Clifton Hill Brew Pub has just been relaunched with a swanky new look, their own craft beers brewed on site and yep, a roaring open fire.

6.Leave town. If it's at all, possible......get out of the city and find some sunshine. Queensland is good for all year round sunshine (not much else, but it does have sunshine) and I do love a sojourn to Bali or a cruise to warmer climates.

7.Go to the footy. Nothing warms the blood more than cheering for your team and cheering against Collingwood and the umpires. With several games each weekend, we're spoilt for choice.

8.Get crafting - keep your hands busy and warm with crochet and knitting. You'll thank yourself this and next winter when you can wear your handmade gloves, mittens and scarves.

9.Eat in - host a dinner party, lunch or brunch. The more bodies in a house the warmer it is. Host a Mexican fiesta dinner party and pretend it's warm outside. Host a champagne brunch as it rains outside.

10.Winter is made for Sunday roasts and Sunday afternoons of tv marathons.

11.Take a drive to the country.

12.Make soup.

13.Visit NGV or another gallery, museum.

14.Go to a market and start your Christmas shopping. Seriously it was pitch black and freezing when those talented stallholders left home. Go along to a market and support local handmade. It'll make you, the stallholder and market organiser (trust me) feel all warm and fuzzy. And that has to be a good thing in winter.

Northern Regards Artisan Market 

So, there you have it. This list is very much to remind myself that staying in only feels good when you've been out !

What are you tips for surviving and thriving in a Melbourne Winter ?

Happy Monday and I hope the sun is shining where you are.

Dee x

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday Snippets

Hello there ! 

It was a very cold week here in Melbourne. Perfect weather for staying in, sewing and baking. 

It was market week, which is always a bit frantic.

We celebrated Dad's birthday with chocolate cake, which required a new recipe when I discovered NO eggs at 11pm when I decided to bake !  

I am currently snuggled up on the sofa with a glass of red.
Hope you've had a great week.