Camp Dee Dee - Turning 40

So last year in September I turned 40.

I decided pretty early on that I wanted to mark the occasion. 
It seemed momentous. Worth celebrating.

I then set about deciding HOW I wanted to celebrate. 

I knew I wanted to be surrounded by my favourite people.
I knew I wanted good food, good wine, good beer. And cake. Lots of cake.

Three of my very talented friends made cakes, including a Pineapple and MCG Geelong Cats cake! 

I also knew I wanted somewhere we could truly kick back and relax.
A place where we could have the music playing as late as we wanted and where tents could be pitched and the clean up wait til morning.

Not an easy feat meeting my exacting requirements......but I found the PERFECT place. 
Galwijii Homestead.
This farmhouse located about 90 minutes from Melbourne offered everything we needed. A great big house in a beautiful setting.
A blank canvas for...... Camp Dee Dee!

Lawn Games
A sing-a-long at the piano
Space for caravans and tents
Comfy beds inside for those (like ME) that don't camp
A campfire
A beautiful garden

The weather was perfect. A bright sunny Spring day.
The Prosecco flowed, the food was delicious, the company was generous and happy.
It was exactly how I imagined it would be. 

My beautiful goddaughter and guidedaugher delivered a beautiful speech.Which yes, included me wearing a Christmas Hat! 


My remarkably talented Uncle and Cousin WROTE and sang an original song just for my birthday!
It lead to a rousing sing-a-long by the piano.



Yes, my love. Thank you for your extreme patience as this party took over our lives, home and conversations in the months leading up to the day! 

All of my excessive Pinterest searching and planning and making came together.
Thank you so much to my wonderful family and friends who made this weekend so very special.

Now, I can start planning my 50th. Right.....?

Party Venue : Galwijii Homestead

Most of these photos were taken by my generous and talented friend, Champagne and Chips

Cakes, ladies you dazzled me! Small Kitchen Tales, Gus and Kitty, My Travel Tribe Club

We 'borrowed' my Market bunting and I made the signs and lawn games and all the other bits and bobs that went into the party celebrations. 


  1. Loved loved loved being part of the evening great birthday hostess and party thrower, one awesome girlie ����������


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