My Melbourne : Top 5 Good Beer Week 2017

It's that most wonderful time of the year in Melbourne.....
The days are sunny and crisp.
The leaves are changing colour.
The scarves, boots and jackets are coming out.
And Good Beer Week is upon us.

Well, week, it's actually now 10 days of beer goodness across Melbourne. 
The Good Beer Week team do a stellar job of assembling an amazing program, 
but it can be a tad overwhelming. 

Fear not, I have read, analysed and collated my Top 5 events for you.

1. Perfect Pairings with Ben's Brew Tours.
The clever team from  Ben's Brew Tours (see previous post) have teamed up with 3 Ravens Brewery to create the prefect beer and food event. It's beer with cheese. And chocolate. And coffee!
Not just any coffee either, but coffee roasted at the Thonbury brewery by my mate Aviary Coffee.
It's a treat for all the senses and only the best of each element to ensure maximum taste bud satisfaction.
You'll even get a giftbag to take home!

2. Girl Power at The Fox Hotel
You could be forgiven for thinking that all beer is made by and drank by bearded blokes.
However, there is a growing number of women that are drinking beer, writing about beer and brewing beer. This annual event gathers all these women together as the taps of The Fox Hotel have an all female tap takeover.
Chat to local women brewers, journalists and beer drinkers and listen to female musicians.

Photo courtesy of the Fox Hotel

3.Indian Feast with Bridge Road Brewers

Food and beer are obviously a brilliant combination but one can have too many burgers!
Iconic Fitzroy restaurant, Horn Pleased is pairing an Indian feast with beers from Victoria's high country. Bridge Road Brewers have even brewed a special beer just for this event!
This is a very good way to spend your Thursday evening.

Photo courtesy of Good Beer Week guide

4. Beer, Cheese and OPERA
I think what I LOVE most about Good Beer Week is that there is something for everyone.
Regardless of your beer palette or knowledge, there is definitely something that will inspire you.
Like, Opera in an amazing location with beer and cheese!
The fabulous Beer Diva has once again put together this incredible and utterly unique event.

Photo courtesy of Good Beer Week guide

5. Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular.
Take one historical building, add in bunting and over 180 beers, most brewed just for this event and you have a 3 day event not to be missed.
Grab your beer paddle and chalk and form guide and get ready to taste truly extraordinary beers. The rule books get thrown out and brewers from all over Australia and New Zealand get creative for our drinking pleasure.
Over three days there are also seminars, tastings and some of the country's best beer heads roaming around just ready for a chat.
I told you it was my favourite time of the year!

Photo by Wild About Melbourne 

6. Ok, I know I said Top 5, but this one includes a roadtrip so it sneaks in!
Pint of Origin : Blackman's Brewery 
Pint of Origin gathers some of the best beers from different regions and takes over a venue somewhere in Melbourne. It's a great way to sample some great beer from across the world while leaving your passport at home.
With the recent boom of local breweries in the Geelong area, it now gets it's very own Pint of Origin. Hosted by the very cool Blackman's Brewery, this is one roadtrip to take a designated driver on.

Photo courtesy of Good Beer Week guide. 

However and wherever you spend your Good Beer Week, enjoy some new beer, chat to a brewer, learn something new and enjoy one of the World's Best Beer Festivals.

Photo by Wild About Melbourne 


Please note, I was not paid in any way to write this post. However, I will work for beer if you would like me to review your place of business or event!