So long 2015

......(just blowing the cobwebs off the blog before we begin....) 

So, here we are! A brand new day of a brand new year. 

So long 2015. I'm not sorry to see you go. Right til the end you were a rollercoaster of extreme highs and lows. 
Many times I wanted to hit the pause button. Just so I could catch my breath before you threw the next twist and leap at us. 

We said goodbye to two very dear friends. I feel the loss of Shirley and Kate everyday. Everyday. 

We said hello to a new puppy! 

We sold a house. We bought a house. 
We moved TWICE. 

I regrettably left one market. 
Paused another. 
And Wild About Melbourne Pop Up Makers Markets launched. 

There were pain flare ups and generally my chronic pain worsened. 

There were two cruises. 

There were other losses that broke our hearts. 

Three musicals. Including seeing Richard O'Brien play the narrator in Rocky Horror.

The Lockes moved to Melbourne! 

I wasn't always (or even often) patient or kind or even nice to those who support and love me unconditionally. It hurts to acknowledge that. 

Many, many, many craft beers were enjoyed. 

And many laughs shared with my love. 

I think the lesson in all of this is that plans are great, but they are just that. A plan. And plans change. 

My ability to deal with change has never been great and never was this more true than 2015.

I'd love to say that the losses have given me a greater appreciation for life. Given me more patience and a view of the world not so driven by the small, ultimately meaningless things. 
But I'm not there yet. 

I'm looking forward. No, I am craving and pining for space in the next two weeks to reflect on the year that was and begin 2016 with a clear head and an open heart. 

No resolutions from me. Nor one word to strive for/live by. 

Just a promise. To be grateful. 
To show gratitude. To have patience. 

And to see where 2016 takes us......

Happy New Year x