Dear Kate....

This post has been sitting in drafts for over a week, because there doesn't ever seem to ever be the right words. The words that convey my sense of loss. My grief. But here it is. My wholly inadequate tribute to a woman I loved. A friend. A most talented and complex soul. Kate Campbell. 
Here's a post from Northern Regards
Thank you to everyone who has reached out over the past couple of weeks. This handmade and local community of ours is a strong and beautiful one. 

Dear Kate,

It's been four weeks since you left us. 

I still can't believe you're gone. I keep checking my phone and emails and messages to find a message from you.  And then I realise that they're not coming. That you're gone.

We first met at a local craft course, instantly I saw that you were full of the energy and passion that I came to know and love so very well. You were a force. 

So talented. Opinionated, passionate, loyal, generous, determined, complex and strong. 

Your taught me so much. We worked  well as a team, even we didn't agree (which was often). 
I think that's how we achieved so much and managed to work together. 

You forced me to view the world in a different way. A way that challenged me. 

At the same time you gave your friendship, love and support so freely. 

I will never forget the twilight market at which we forgot to eat.....just one pack of jelly beans between us. We were delirious. EVERYTHING was immensely funny. Yet, tears streaming down our faces you still managed a complex discussion of the commercialisation of Christmas. At a Christmas market. 

At the markets we'd have the most outrageous, deep, meaningful and mundane conversations. About everything. And we'd laugh.  If things that got really intense, and you didn't think I was taking in what you wanted to tell me,  you would grab my arm, demanding my full attention. All the while people were trying to buy your beautiful jewellery. 

Kate, you struggled. You struggled with an invisible but undeniable illness. An illness that took you away from us.

Rest now sweet friend, your struggle is over. 

Be our guardian angel and ensure that we never take talent, beauty and friendship for granted. 

I  miss you. I'll always be proud to have been your friend. 

Travel well my friend. 

Dee x