Change of Season

The season has changed (ok, 14 days ago, but coherent sentences have been hard to come by), to my favourite season, Spring.

It's been an incredibly tough six weeks.

I miss my friend. The grief is a roller coaster of emotions.

We've moved house. Not to the house we've bought, but a very temporary move to a house I don't like very much.
Almost everything is in storage. And I know it shouldn't be, but it's unsettling. I miss my 'things' my photos, books.....

My pain level and not surprisingly, my anxiety has increased. Significantly.


But........ there are days of sunshine. Today was a spectacular Spring day.

There are coffee dates with friends. In sunny cafes. 

There are beers and cheese platters to be enjoyed with my very favourite person. 

There are plans being made for new markets and plans for weekends away.


There are new projects to start and adult colouring in books to become absorbed in. 

There is a new house just waiting to be decorated for Christmas. Which clearly requires MANY hours on Pinterest. 

There is another new season just around the corner. 

***And a late edit, there's a NEW Prime Minster ! I am not sorry to see you go Mr Abbott. 
Your policies and personal opinions created a climate of fear and hatred. That's your legacy. 
Mr Turnbull, we'd like, no, actually we demand a woman as Minister for Women, Marriage Equality, a humane Immigration Policy, action on climate change and you can undo those cuts to ABC, health and education.***