Launching Spacecrafts. From Thornbury....with beer !

***Update - We've successfully run several CoBrew Makers Markets at this great space. 
The team have expanded the space that now includes a very cool garage style bar downstairs serving brewery fresh beer AND a coffee roaster with the awesome Aviary Coffee. 
Check the 3 Ravens website for more details. 

Recently when we were house hunting, I was VERY adamant that we remain in Darebin.

Size of house, style and just how hideous the kitchen was, were all out weighed by location.

As my good friend (oh, I wish) Kirstie Allsopp says, it's all about Location, Location, Location.

Sure, Darebin has it's frustrations, but no where is perfect.  For me Darebin is about the importance and the value, placed on the entrepreneur, the maker, the designer, the crafter and the artist.
And the food. And craftbeer.

Did you know that Darebin has one of the highest numbers of working from home small creative businesses in Melbourne ?

Yet at the same time, property prices are going up. So where does that small creative business go ?

My LOVE CRAFT BEER brooch by FTLOV just works so well for these type of events 

Do you permanently give up the spare bedroom/garage/dining room  to your creative pursuits...............or do you find a space, close to home, affordable, surrounded by like minded people that can allow your creative business to grow ? 

I'll take the latter thank you. Did I mention very good craft beer as well ?

My good friends at 3 Ravens Brewery, located in industrial Thornbury  have transformed the space about the brewery to create CoBrew.

A SpaceCraft. A space with craft beer and designers, makers and entrepreneurs crafting their own businesses ideas and dreams.

"Now I'm full grown, and I've a spacecraft of my own...."

As Nathan from 3 Ravens explains, the word brew was used very deliberately.
Not just to link the space to the brewery below, but to suggest  the collaborative nature that they hope  the space will inspire.

Last Thursday, myself and other locals were treated to a few brews and a sneak peek at the new CoBrew space. 

Office space, studio space, permanent desk space, floating desks and workshop space.
In my humble opinion, the space also lends itself to a fantastic exhibition space.

The space, which will be launched with a crowd funding campaign at 9am July 21st, will offer permanent members 24 hour access to the space, shared board room facilities as well as the office/studio spaces and desks. The team at Co-Brew are very keen to hear what works for local creatives in the design of the space from here on.

And it's not just all work. The 3 Ravens bar or "Pleasure Palace" as it's known is going to have an upgrade and be open to the public on a regular basis. Business meetings and knock off drinks just got a whole lot better.

For more details, especially on early bird offers and the crowd funding campaign, please email

So, bloggers, makers, small businesses are you ready to blast off  ?

(I apologise about that one, I have edited out a great deal of space, astronaunt and launch pad references......allow me just this one?)

*Please note, I wasn't paid to promote 3 Ravens and CoBrew, I just really dig the space. I also  have a project coming up that I think will be perfect in this space*

**Also, if you would like me to review/promote your brand or space.....let's talk  !**