Taking Stock.......seeya February- you sucked.

Oh February. Why you so mean ?? I'm not going to be sorry to see you the back of you !

So, let's take stock and look forward to March.....shall we ? 

Making : Coffee Pod Earrings. I love them and really happy that the idea worked !
Cooking : In this crazy weather....everything from salads to hearty pastas.
Drinking : Smoothies. Coffee and plenty of water. #febfast is on ! 
Reading: market stall applications. So many talented locals. 
Wanting: some decisions to be made and implemented by others.
Looking: forward to March. Has to be better than February ! 
Playing: with fabrics and buttons and trims as part of a new series of workshops I am leading.
Deciding: to hit SEND or not. I hit send. And then felt nauseous. 
Wishing: it had worked. 
Enjoying: not enjoying February. 
Waiting: For a resolution. Either way. Just get on with it !
Liking: Lady Gaga at the Oscars AND Julie Andrews !!! goosebumps ! 
Wondering: If we roll the dice, just one more time, will it work that time ?

Loving: my G. 
Pondering: selling a house. Buying a house.
Considering: all the options for the above.

Watching: The Oscars. I love Neil Patrick Harris and Patricia Arquette's speech was amazing. (actually, I've just re-read Patricia's speech and her press conference - I think equality for EVERYONE is required. Let's end the us/them attitude shall we?)
Hoping: we find another way.
Marvelling: at the beautiful, amazing and stunning artwork that my dear friend made just for us. 
Needing: a break.

Smelling: beautiful lillies. 
Wearing: saltwater sandals. Best thing my feet have worn in a long time.
Following: #qanda on twitter. 
Noticing: I think I've lost some weight during #febfast
Knowing: that all will be well.
Thinking: it might just take a while to get there ! 
Admiring: the strength of my G. 
Sorting: market stall applications.
Buying: A PUPPY ! She arrives tomorrow ! 
Getting: cranky. 
Bookmarking: craft tutorials on Pinterest. 
Disliking: the feelings of grief and helplessness and sadness.
Opening: ticket wallets. The good news is that a holiday is happening next month.
Giggling: at videos and photos of Ruby Rose.
Feeling: grief. 
Snacking: I was really good until 2 days ago. Then I bought chocolate. 
Coveting: that which we've lost.
Wishing:  well..............
Helping: a friend design a new logo. 
Hearing: meditation podcasts, actually many a podcast at 3am. 

So, yes, we rolled the dice once more and it didn't work.

But tomorrow our new puppy arrives.

Work your magic March, I don't want this year to be defined by February.


  1. I hear you about February being a shit one. Let's hope March is heaps better!
    And if not, PUPPY!

  2. I really want to catch up with you and find out all this cryptic stuff... Or maybe you don't want to talk about it at all.
    But puppy!!!! Heading over to IG in the hopes you have put some pics up already.


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