My Melbourne : Strictly Ballroom the Musical

Ok, so there are 3 things you need to know.

1. I was gifted tickets to a Melbourne performance of Baz Lurhmann's Strictly Ballroom The Musical by NuffnangAU

2. I LOVED, Strictly Ballroom The Movie. Actually, I've loved EVERY Baz Lurhmann movie. 

3. I have been known to wear sequins. A dazzling array of sequins.....whilst dancing on stage. 

Me - in all my sequinned and tap dancing glory. 
Maybe 1984.... ahhh the smell of cheap hairspray, bright red lipstick and lycra. 
It's just like Kendall's dance studio isn't it ? 

As I said, I was lucky enough to be gifted tickets to this performance 
by NuffnangAU and I was very excited.
 Seeing Strictly Ballroom The Musical was high on my wish list. 

Mum and I all dressed for the theatre.
Apparently, not everyone does get dressed up for the theatre these days ! 

Ok, all that sparkles aside, here are my thoughts on this adaptation of Strictly Ballroom. 

The dialogue is completely true to the movie (and I imagine, orginal play).
The costumes and set are amazing. Even the chairs are decked in sparkly material.
I laughed and did a fair bit of toe tapping, but I wasn't quite inspired to dance in the aisles or on stage.
However, I loved that the cast did dance with the audience on stage after interval and final curtain.

The Paso Doble scene is fantastic and I loved it. Quite often the stage felt too small, but not in this scene that was filled with passion and the beautiful dancing. 

This is not the most sophisticated musical or performance you'll see.

But it may just be the most sparkly, Australian, and FUN performance you'll see. 
Oh, it also most definitely the most unashamedly and fabulous CAMP performance you'll see. 

And for that I loved every sequiny shimmery moment. 

Have you seen Strictly Ballroom ?
Were you a dancing queen in your youth ? 
Thoughts on sequins ?