My Melbourne : International Street Food Festival

So yesterday we headed to the first Melbourne International Street Food Festival.

We'd seen the posters, got excited and then bought the tickets for cheaper than the regular admission price on Living Social.

Ok, so two things I want to say before I share my thoughts on yesterday's event.

The first is that running events is HARD work and expensive to do.  And new and exciting events should be encouraged and supported.
The second thing is that Melbourne is a city that fully embraced the street food, food truck, market going food vendors trend.
Which is why, despite my first point, I was a little disappointed upon our arrival.

The problem is that on many a Melbourne street  these food trucks can be found. There are endless cultural festivals with a vast array of food from the food. There's a permanent food truck park set up in one of Melbourne's hippest suburbs. And what do all of these have in common ?
NO entry fee !

Yes, there were probably around 100 street food vendors with a wide range of food on offer, almost all from $7-$14 per serve. Again, my issue was, it felt like we'd seen and tasted most of them before.
With NO entry fee !

However, re-name this festival as Melbourne International MUSIC Festival or Australia Day Cultural Festival or even a concert by The Cat Empire and I am not at all disappointed !

Great venue with plenty of seating and grassy picnic spots, bunting fluttering in the breeze, AMAZING live music by one of Australia's great bands AND a plethora of food options. Throw in a craft brewery or two and you have my ideal afternoon and great value at around $30 per person entry.

The pork belly and utterly delicious black sesame with salted caramel ice cream boas from Wonderbao were by far our fave food picks at the festival.

So, that's my two cents worth. We had a great time.
Would be go back.....? Depends entirely on music or entertainment line up.

What about you ? Festival lover ? Fan of The Cat Empire. Eaten a great food truck snack recently ?

Happy Long Weekend,



  1. Hmmm, good feedback. I really wanted to go but am having trouble juggling life at the moment. I haven't tried many of the food truck options so I probably would have really got into it.


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