It's the most wonderful time of the year....

***This was a scheduled post....which didn't actually schedule. So here it is now....but no one is tired of Christmas posts yet....right ???***

It truly is my very favourite time of the year !

I love the lights and Christmas tree(s). I had lots of fun creating new "trees" by making and upcycling. The house glowed with Christmas lights, and in my humble opinion, looked beautiful. 

I love the making, baking and wrapping. 
I always attempt to make or buy handmade for most of the presents we give. This year there were many baked goods and crochet goodies wrapped up under the tree. 


I love the summer entertaining ! Dinners and drinks on the back deck. Wine, cheese, laughs. 
All these make me very happy ! And pineapples. 

And I love Christmas markets and catchups and gift swaps with fabulous friends in the lead up to Christmas.

The big is ALMOST upon us and I can't wait !
Have a very Merry Christmas.

Dee x