Christmas Pudding time

Now, you will of course know by now, that I LOVE Christmas.

I love everything about it.

I especially love the Christmas Plum Pudding.

Since coming home from travelling and my grandmother passing away, the plum pudding making is my contribution to the day's feast.

I still use my Ma's recipe and like to think that she's with me as I cream the butter and sugar, double up on the brandy/rum and always, always lick the bowl.

This year as I measured and mixed, I was listening to BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Disc's Christmas Special. So British and so lovely. It actually makes me 'homesick' for England and the few winter Christmases I had. Possibly because G has just visited England, it did make me pine for an afternoon of cheese eating and wine drinking in a Christmas light filled English pub. Aaahhhhh

Anyway, back to my Melbourne kitchen and it's over 30 degrees outside and the puddings need to boil for at least 3 hours. The house smells amazing !

I'm going to sit back and enjoy the tunes and smell and stare away at my Christmas tree(S).

Do you have a family Christmas pudding recipe ?
Winter or Summer Christmas ?

Happy First Day Of December,