And so that was Christmas.....

Gosh, I do really love Christmas. 

We had a fabulous Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family.

Loads of laughs, good food, good wine and thoughtful presents. 

So many laughs ! 

I know that I am incredibly lucky that our Christmas is laid back, only the one family to visit (G's family are all in the UK making it a bit of a stretch to visit them on the day) and genuinely liking each other. Most of the time ! 

Presents were given and received. I really noticed this year that there was less money and more thought. A simpler Christmas. I like it. A lot. 

We drove down to my parent's place on Christmas Eve for dinner and Carols by Candlelight watching. Last minute gift wrapping and Mum waiting til we were all in bed before she put the presents under the tree ! 

I must be getting was 6.30 am before I jumped out of bed with a 5 year old's excitement. Santa outfit on and Christmas carols singing....I was off. Waking everyone up and proclaiming that IT'S CHRISTMAS !!!

Eventually (!) everyone was up. It was decided breakfast must be had before presents (WHAT ???), scrambled eggs, corn fritters, bacon and champagne cocktails. 


After the turkey was stuffed, basted and roasted, we loaded up the car. 5 adults, one dog, two eskys, one roast turkey and a partridge in a pear tree ! And headed to my Aunt and Uncle's. 

Our arrival saw the popping of more champagne, seafood platter, catch ups and "Merry Christmases".

We don't like to do things in a hurry ! Lunch/Dinner was served at 4.30pm this year....a new record. 
After that, there's the annual cricket game and then plum pudding. 

The goodbyes and "we haven't taken the family photos yet" take a little while but are worth it ! 

Driving home is a combination of chatter, snores and Christmas carols. Mum drove - bless her. 

Boxing Day. An early morning start as G declares, a quick Christmas is a good Christmas and has the car packed quicker than I grab some turkey leftovers!

And then it's all over for another year......

Things to remember for next year......
Britt doesn't like cauliflower either (put her portion on my plate) and none of the 'kids' like the tomato and onion pie. 
Lunch should probably be served before 3.30pm 
Custom made pillowcases were a hit. 
Funny Face cards were hilarious (in the interests of protecting my family - you're not seeing THOSE photos!)

So, tell me, did you have a lovely Christmas ?
Got a funny story to tell.
Overindulged like I did ?
Spoilt with beautiful presents like I was ?

However you spent the day, I hope it was with people you love and there was plenty of fantastic food. 
Now.....can I start planning for next year.....?