And just like's NYE !

So the Christmas tree(s) are down and the calender declares that it is December 31 - New Years Eve.

Although, if at any minute, Ashton Kutcher runs in and screams
"PUNKED ! It's only July 31st"...........I will believe him!

This year has gone SO fast.

Listen up 2015, if you could just slow down a bit, that would be great. Thanks.

I have mixed feelings about NYE. Like any stationary nerd, I love a new year and a brand new diary, but the actual night leaves me a bit cold.

Ever since I was a kid, I've felt that post-Christmas let down and the pressure to 'do' something.
Pressure that only intensified as a teen/young adult.

I LOVED the years that I worked in hospitality. I would quietly volunteer to work, confident in the fact that triple pay and drinks paid for the boss were definitely the best place to be.

I was once dumped by my boyfriend (yeah, I know.....maybe he knew something I didn't) at 10 PM ON NEW YEARS EVE !!!! At a party with all of HIS friends. Yep.

And then, it's the anniversary of G's charming father's passing. I never meet him, but I feel the loss and I see G suffer through this day every year. A day that everyone else persists in making a big deal out of !

So, here we are. I am quite pleased to tell you that I sit here with a very nice glass of Prosecco and am in my pjs. I'll make it to 12....but only because I never go to bed before 12.

NYE does bring with it a brand new sparkling year. One full of promise, fresh starts and hopefully a continuation of all that was good in the previous year.

And it's that sparkling new year that I am keen to see. Keen to see where it takes us.
What adventures and lessons it has in store for us.

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to refill my glass, grab my crochet and reflect.

Happy New Years Eve and may 2015 bring you an abundance of health, happiness and Prosecco.

Dee x



  1. jen@mysentimentaljamboree1 January 2015 at 05:44

    If you figure out a way to slow down time, please let me know. Happy New Year!

  2. So delightfully lovely to have met you this year. We always do a quiet one too. I have nothing to dislike about NYE but feel that quiet reflection is more appropriate than a party.


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