Taking Stock.

Oh hello there !

It's the end of november ! How is that even possible ??
It's my VERY favourite time of the year, but let's be honest....it's busy.
An opportune time to Take Stock.

Making : Christmas gifts, Christmas decorations, Christmas cards.....you get the idea
Cooking : Solo meals ! The novelty has worn off after 10 days, I'm ready for G to come home
Drinking : Coffee
Reading: Lilly Brett. I love her writing and the way it simultaneously takes me NYC and Carlton
Wanting: some pain relief please
Looking: forward to G coming home !! 
Playing: podcasts - Desert Island Discs from BBC - so British, so lovely
Deciding: on market dates for 2015 (!)
Wishing: for some peace and easy travelling for friends
Waiting: for some decisions to be made about next year........
Liking: my space
Wondering: again with the 2015 decisions
Loving: the fact that G comes home on Monday 
Pondering: can I just ask for books and handmade brooches for Christmas....
Considering: thoughtful and meaningful and handmade gifts
Watching: The Big C - I'm not sure.....
Hoping: For a long, warm and lazy summer
Marvelling: at the amazing handmade talent that I am lucky enough to have as part of                       Wild About Melbourne Makers
Needing: to clean the house 
Smelling: spray paint (again with the Christmas crafts)
Wearing: pjs today....it's a much needed at home today, catching up and getting lots done
Following: lots of creative types on Instagram - my favourite social media platform
Noticing: Thornbury high street doesn't have Christmas decorations! Why ? 
Knowing: it'll all be ok next year. Things will play out the way they're supposed to.
Thinking: about the to-do-list. It's full of good things, but it needs to be done
Admiring: Beautiful Christmas windows in small independant shops
Sorting: photos to make calanders - an annual tradition
Buying: food to make Christmas gifts
Getting: EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS (I know, I'm one of THOSE people)
Bookmarking: podcasts on my phone and ipad- I'm a new convert
Disliking: the stress levels that surround people at this time of year
Opening: the letter box. Eagerly every morning Waiting for online purchases to arrive.
Giggling: at text messages that feature cute videos of Ruby Rose ! 
Feeling: Little bit like a mouse on a wheel.....but that's ok. It's all good things. 
Snacking: I prefer quality control - just the ends of the handmade fudge.
Coveting: (see below)
Wishing: that that thing we so desperately wanted had happened. It still hurts. 
Helping: well, with 3 markets and the (coming soon) online shop, I'd like to think I'm helping people buy beautiful handmade gifts for Christmas ! 
Hearing: Christmas carols......which I love !

How are you doing ?? Crazy with Christmas ?? 
Making and baking for Christmas ?? In denial of the whole silly season......

Happy Thursday, 


  1. Lovely stuff. And yes, I think books and handmade brooches are perfect Christmas requests. What could be better?


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