My Melbourne...... Taste of Melbourne 2014

I have a theory. And yes I'm going to share it with you.

My theory is, that a certain age, our preferences and tastes change.
Staying home on a Saturday night, is not only ok, but often preferable.
One glass of very good wine/beer is much better than a whole bottle of the cheap stuff that we happily drank in our youth.

And day time sessions at big food festivals are much more appealing than the busy night sessions.

Yes. Friday afternoon found at us Taste Of Melbourne Festival and it was fantastic.

Being a true North-of-the-River inhabitant, I admit I was sceptical of the move from Carlton's Exhibition Buildings to Albert Park, however, I'm now a convert. The space applies itself beautifully to this festival of the best food and drink that Melbourne has to offer.

We likened our visit to a foodie tour of Melbourne with only one Myki touch on/touch off !

We drank in St Kilda thanks to the Local Taphouse's HOP UP Bar whilst eating in Collingwood, thanks to Huxtaburger, then it was Seddon for more delicious craft beer at Two Birds Brewing and the city for yummy tacos from Mamasita.  Dessert of Salted Caramel Tart (OH!) in Armadale courtesy of Burch and Purchese, was a definite highlight !

A few regional roadtrips from Byron Bay, (Stone and Wood), Beechworth, (Bridge Road Brewing) and the Great Ocean Road (Prickly Moses) rounded out a comprehensive gourmet afternoon.

As with all festivals of this type, it's a cashless system, however the fancy new Taste of Melbourne swipe card is a vast improvement on the plastic/paper token system. As it was an overcast Friday afternoon, there was not a queue in sight and topping up the card was seemless. Thanks of course to the bright pink t-shirted staff. Of course this made it even easier to indulge in great food and beer.

The best part of this weekday afternoon festival shenanigans was that there was never a substantial line up for anything. We always found a seat and got a chance to actually chat with the brewers, sales reps and chefs (oh hi Darren Purchese!). The smaller crowds didn't diminish the atmosphere or buzz of people enjoying all that delcious food and wine and beer.

My absolute favourites on the day were the chicken birger with jalapeno mayo from Huxtaburger and the Chardonnay IPA from Prickly Moses. A delicious full flavoured beer that we normally wouldn't have had a chance to enjoy. Here's hoping they brew some more !

Also, did I mention the salted caramel tart !!

So, I can now sit back and enjoy the rest of my quiet weekend. Slippers on and day dreaming about that salted caramel tart.......

Have a great weekend,

*Please note, this is not a sponsored post. I just really enjoyed the festival and thought you should know about it. If anyone would like to give me free tickets to go again, well that would be ok, I might even go at night or a busy weekend day session. Maybe..... Also.....anyone else fancy a salted caramel tart right now ???


  1. Oh yes! I have always avoided these festivals because I hate the crowds but this sounds delightful, good for food photography in the daylight too... Remind me to go next year (or take me with you :)

  2. It was SO delightful ! We are now definite converts to the Friday day session (tickets are cheaper as well). Yes, come with us next year.


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