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Hi there, 

I once had a boss in a restaurant who described his ideal working scenario as "aces in their places". 
In order words, on busy shifts, everyone does the job that they are best at and does the best job possible. Those lazy Tuesdays are the time for the chef to try his hand at bar tending!

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. 
Especially in regard to my fellow makers. Whilst it's great (and necessary) to be the maker, PR firm, accountant, photographer, website builder and mail guy all in one....what if we could share the load? 

What if.....the talented makers do just that...make.
While the person who is passionate about social media does that and... promotes.
What if one person went to market and enthusiastically sold these maker's wares. Especially those makers' whose family need them at home.
And how about a one-stop online shop for Melbourners wanting beautiful local handmade.

What if.....all of this was under the one label with a brand new sparkling logo. 

Today, I'm launching WildAboutMelbourne Makers.

A market stall and online store with some of my very favourite local makers.
We'll be at Northern Regards Artisan Market tomorrow with River Wife Clay, Vintage Galah and introducing Gus & Kitty's new vintage line. 

I'll be adding carefully selected makers to 'the hub' over the next few weeks and have the online store up and running in time for Christmas shopping. 

I'm excited about this new direction. I love making and many things crafty. Making to sell.....not so much.
I love supporting and promoting other makers. I'm excited to share with you the amazing talent that is hiding in the sheds, studios and kitchen tables in Melbourne. 

So, here it is : WildAboutMelbourne. A fresh look. A new chapter.*

I hope you'll come along with me. 


*Fear not, blogging will still continue in the usual haphazard fashion here and insagramming will still happen.....daily ! 


  1. oh wow! what an exciting little venture!!
    all the best lovely!

  2. also, love the new branding! so cool!


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