That one time a fish wanted to become a human....and a giveaway !

I love a good movie. I'm a feminist. I love a festival. And I love Northcote.

So when the talented folks at the upcoming GirlsOnFilmFestival asked if I was keen to do a giveway on the ole blog......I jumped at the chance.

The festival, running from 12-14 September, at Northcote Town Hall, "is a live mixtape of feminism, film, music an talk."  The program includes something for everyone.....I'm excited to see Heavenly Creatures. A movie that shocked, thrilled and fascinated a 17 year old me.

The program also has younger viewers well taken care of. Having just had a visit from our favourite two year old, I for one,  feel that I need to see some animation that does not invlove Pigs....of any description !

Which is why I'm excited to see Ponyo !

"When it comes to animation intended for young viewers the local cineplex has surprisingly few choices on offer. But outside the Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks machines, Studio Ghibli has consistently created exciting adventures with great gender politics and multilayered characters who are often girls and young women. 

Staying fairly faithful to Hans Christian Andersen’s well-known fairy tale, Miyazaki brings a cast of cheeky characters to life through gorgeous Ghibli animation. Ponyo is a young female fish that wants to become a human – not for romantic love, but for the love of true friendship. Drawn like children, to entertain children and without enforcing the idea that all females should have sexy or sexualised bodies, Ponyo is a fun and lively story with humour and heart to spare.

Ponyo will be introduced by our Festival Curator Tara Judah. Bringing her passion for Miyazaki and positive female characters in children’s films to the mic, Tara can’t wait to tell you more about Ponyo’s journey from schedule to screen.
Ponyo will screen in the English language dubbed version with open captions, featuring the voice talents of Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Tina Fey, Cloris Leachman, Liam Neeson, Lily Tomlin, Betty White and many more!"
How awesome is that ?? And Lily Tomlin !! One of my personal heroes. 
Ponyo will screen at Northcote Town Hall on Saturday 13th September at 11am. Tickets are $15.00 each are can be booked via the GOFF website.

Lucky for you though, I have TWO tickets to give away to this special screening.  I know - cool huh ??
To be in the running, please comment below telling me your favourite strong female character on film. I"ll draw the lucky winner at 12pm on Thursday (tomorrow!), so quick, get to it !


  1. Ooh Ponyo is great!
    Hmmm fav strong woman character........
    All I'm thinking of at the moment is Princess Fiona!

  2. Oh I love Princess Fiona too ! Erin, can you please leave a comment with your email address asap ?
    Dee !

  3. Hey it's

  4. Thanks Erin,
    Let me know if you haven 't received your tickets by this arvo and I will chase up for you.

  5. Woohoo got them. Thanks so much!


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