Sunday Snippets.....The 'only good things happen on the internet' version.

In the interests of only showing the good stuff on the internet.....
here's a Sunday Snippets fill of the great things that happened this week.

Zero mention of the pain flare up, being housebound for a few days, 
strong painkillers and lots of sleep. 

Nope, no mention of those. 


A great session of Make Craft Your Business with local creative ladies.

A day of sofa sitting, popcorn eating, crocheting and Emmy watching. 

Packing up 'Happy New Home' gifts for a sweet friend.

Look who's here !!! Kissess from Ruby make everything better !

Friends that arrive with delicious cheese, wine and bread
 and wine and conversation are very good friends indeed ! 
Thanks {tinniegirl}

An invite from NuffangAU to play creatives with  DoReMe Creative 
as part of SO:ME Space at South Melbourne Market. 
We painted, glued and created. 
Such a great way to spend a few hours. 

How glorious was the last day of winter ??? 

A sunny Sunday was the perfect day to have brunch outside with three of my favourites.

And, it's going to be a GREAT week.

It is. A great week.

Dee x