Sunday Snippets...... Dear Ruby and turning a year older.

Well hello there Spring !
And hello SUNSHINE ! Come on in and make yourself very comfortable.

So far, you've been beautiful with all your fresh breezes, sunshine, vegetable growing rains and blossoms on the trees. Keep up the good work. We like you a lot around here.

So, Sunday Snippets again. This week, not much healthier, much, much happier and a little less sober than last week......birthdays are excellent excuses for indulging.

Firstly, all was righted in my world with the return of Ms G. I know I wax lyrical about loving some  'secret single behaviour' but really, home just isn't home when she's not here. 

Ruby ROOSTER and her Mama arrived ! With all their enthusiasm, kisses, fun, sparkly shoes (both) and mischief (also both) ! 

Birthday coffee tastes more delicious than regular Tuesday coffee don't do you think ??
I think it might be because you are wearing a crown and have a 'blid-a-ling' magic wand. 

please note this tradition has nothing to do with Ruby's presence but everything to do with a birthday 12 years ago in Canada ! 

When you have the choice of going ANYWHERE you want can be quite difficult to decide ! 
Given that I am still in grief from Offspring finishing, I took a leaf out of Lawrence and Billie's book
and the ladies and I dined on Moor Street. Grub Food Van in Fitzroy was everything I wanted my birthday lunch to be.
Prosecco and a generous Ploughman's with a dollop of  vintage/upcycled/ and Melbourne sunshine.

There's a definite theme here ! 
Birthday dinner was a most decadent and delicious cheese platter. With wine. And then dessert. 

I don't even have the vocabulary to describe just how delicious these Burch and Purchese desserts were. Consumed slowly and luxuriously in the comfort on my living room.
It's a textural delicacy. With flavours and candy that pop. 
And that salted caramel and chocolate tart dusted with gold ?? Speechless. 

Birthdays should be spent giggling with cute little people. Always.

Also, if possible, have a cheeky Emma Wiggle look-a-like collect any birthday mail ! Makes every parcel, and even bills, happy moments. Check out that GRIN ! 

Saturday was a stunning Melbourne day. A perfect day for beer and handmade, which was well timed as it was   Northern Regards Artisan Market  day. 
Unfortunately my voice had been replaced with a high fever, so I was banished from doing what I love most. You know, chatting, to stallholders, random drinkers at the pub and happy shoppers. 
Oh well. Thanks to those who were there (especially you Miss Kate) and I promise to be back next month. 

While the heathy ladies helped out at the market, Ruby Rooster and I both took long naps. And then snuggled on the sofa and took "cheesy" selfies ! She selected the best one to post! 

I was completely spoilt this week with presents, love and dinner out. Two by Two Northcote, is now my favourite restaurant. By far. 

And..... #monthofmadenthornbury is in full swing ! I haven't missed a day yet and have no sign of running out of lovely handmade goodies to wear and share ! 

Thanks for a lovely birthday lover. You thought of everything and then more.
I love you.


  1. Great post, sounds like you had an amzing birthday. Happy Birthday. xx

  2. Thanks Jo ! It was a great week.
    Dee x

  3. Look at that cheese platter! Looks amazing! And that little smiling face - AAAAdorable!

  4. Looks like a lovely sunday and bring on the sunshine! Bec x


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