Monday Maunderings

So, I'm ALWAYS a day late (at least) with Sunday Snippets, so today I bring you....

Monday Maunderings.

To maunder, is to "talk in a rambling, foolish or meaningless way". Which is how most of my family would describe my blogging.
And it fits with Monday.

So here we are.

Still battling the nasty fever/cold/situation last week, so a bumpy week.

Working on the blog, markets, and a new venture. 
Motivated by this fantastic course and the inspiring Jess.

Regretfully waved goodby to this lil munchkin and her Mama.
Not before we mastered the matching selfie and said lots of 
'love you' and 'see soon' !

Melbourne had a temper tantrum of a storm. 
Thunder, lightening and more and hour later....sunshine ! 

It is very important to match your drink, with your brooch and restaurant wall colour ! 

Saturday I met online friends and finally put faces to names and instagram handles. 
A lovely blog with Pip reunion and then a whole afternoon of sipping champagne,
chatting, swapping stories and meeting new bloggy types. 

As our brilliant organiser, Nicole, said, the blogger community is the CWA of a new generation.
So we gathered to chat and meet  from behind our computers. 

Sunny Sunday ! 
What a beautiful day it was. 
A walk along the Yarra and beers in Richmond was the perfect slow Sunday activity. 

Here's to a much healthier and hopefully productive week. 

Dee x


  1. Those storms we had were EPIC!!

    It was so lovely getting to meet you on Saturday, I hope these meetups become a regular thing! I find it really helps me with my blogging mojo if I get to talk (face-to-face) with other bloggers!


  2. Thanks Millicent,
    It was great to meet new and catch up with familar faces. Hopefully a regular thing can evolve.
    I feel the same way...two posts in two days - must be the blogging mojo in the room !


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