Monday Maunderings #3

Oh hello there....

Just, and only just, sneaking this Monday Maunderings in while it is still Monday. 

A bit of an odd week......... last week I instagrammed my favourite word, DISCOMBOBULATED. 
Such a great word. However, I think I may have jinxed myself as I definitely feeling a bit out of sorts. I think there are changes coming......

Maybe it's the new season. Which is doing that great Melbourne trick of being beautiful and sunny and then cold and wet. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunshine on the back deck. 
This photo reminds me that summer and dinner outdoors is not far away.

Flowers in the house just make good sense.
They make me happy and make the house look infinitely more homely.

I've got a few projects on the go at the moment.
Which I love, but I think that's adding to my befuddled state.
I love working from home, 
but sometinmes you have to admit it's not working and find a cafe. 
It's amazing what a change of scene and some people watching can achieve.

#monthofmadenthornbury has been fun ! 

I don't think I missed a day, and still have a few items left.....

I'm thinking of the next challenge/project now. 
Something to do with Christmas I think......

I was never a big fan of the Saturday night going out malarky. 
I dreaded the weekly conversations (interrogations) over lunch at high school....
the "what are we doing, where are we going, will we get invited" angst. 

I'm much happier now as an adult perfectly content with my love, sofa and a good bottle of red. 

Morning light on tulips just makes me happy. 

I love my new map necklace.
And windy Melbourne weather. 
And dog walks that end in beer gardens. 

Thanks for stopping by,