Monday Maunderings #2

Well good Monday morning.
Welcome to week 2 of Monday Maunderings.....

I started a new job which required much coffee ! 

I got through the week, but oh so tired ! 
Bed at 9.30pm. I was happily tucked up in bed before midnight every night last week.
This is completely unheard of. 

Look, I like to help people out. 
And if that means taking you by the hand and helping you spend money at Ikea.
Then I'll be there for you. 

It goes against my handmade passion, but I do LOVE Ikea. 
Of course our house, 
now filled with thrifted, antique, old and handmade pieces doesn't really suit Ikea.
However, my young, inner city living friend above - PERFECT for Ikea. 

Also, when hanging out with the best pink haired 'do' since Frenchie in Grease.
AND the world's cutest sausage dog......
a yellow floral headband is the essential #monthofmadenthornbury accessory. 

Spring has most definitely, this time absolutely, with no going back*
The blossoms on our street are making an appearance,
as is the sunshine.

Spring also lends itself beautifully to indulging in delicious fruity, Melbourne-made
craft beers. Like this one from La Sirene.

Look ! Bare shoulders ! 
Arguably, not quite warm enough.....but we're embracing Spring
and spending as much time in the sun as we can. 

Thanks {tinniegirl} for this shot of my love and I. 

I hope it's sunny where you are.


*Am fully aware that is Melbourne. We can never say that a season has DEFINITELY arrived and is staying......wait five minutes and it could, and indeed, will change. But for now.........sunshine ! 


  1. So through some major oversight I neglected to follow you on Bloglovin. Looks like a good little week. If ever you find an amazing couch in your thrifty travels please do be instagramming it my way- I gotta stop sitting on the floor but just don't want to go down the IKEA path- as fun as it is


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