A month and handmade.....and awkward selfies !

Two weeks in and a month of made 'n thornbury is happening !

So far, everyday I have worn or used an item from Made 'n Thornbury and posted a pic.

Sometimes an awkward selfie, occassionally a product only shot or my lovely photographer is on had to take the pic.

I'm loving re-discovering some items I've had for a few years.

I'm also loving the local talent that I am lucky to wear, own and decorate my home with.

It won't surprise anyone that knows me well that I love to wear a handmade brooch.....thankfuly many of those in my collection are from Made 'n Thornbury.

For links to which clever maker I am wearing, 
head to my facebook or Instagram posts. 

Of course, if you'd like your own piece of local handmade,
you can come along to market on October 10th !