Sunday (Wednesday) Snippets

I've had the best (day) weekend.

The last week has been really tough with a nasty pain flare up.

But (today) this weekend, G decided that staying home wasn't actually making me feel any better. With little regard for my one-armed status, it was decided. 

I found myself dressed, caffeinated and out the door. 

A very productive dr appointment, G then took me out for lunch. All that sunlight and fresh air and live stimulation !

We ran some errands. (Sounds so much better than, got our jobs done, doesn't 't it?) 

We then headed to our favourite bar, The AleHouse Project. 
Don 't look at me like that ..... It's the weekend ! 

Our all time favourite craft brew, Feral Brewing's Barrel Fermented Hop Hog, was on tap... Thank goodness for comfy, high backed sofas. 

Home for relaxing night in front of Lifestyle Property shows and a home cooked meal. Cooked by G. 

A perfect, lovely (day) weekend.

And you know what, she was right, I'll be very sore tomorrow. And I was today. But I wouldn't have felt better at home. Tomorrow, I'll be back on the couch. But (today ) this weekend..... Well..... 

Ever had a great (day) weekend that was just what you needed?