Sunday Snippets....the Geelong edition

Oh hello there,

Normal programming has seemingly returned. 

Sunday Snippets.....a weekend jaunt down to Geelong and 'home'. 

Time spent with the extended family, a trip to the footy, adorable little people to have fun and glasses of wine round the fire. 

Daffodils appearing at Mum and Dad's

Red wine by the open fire

My cousin makes gorgeous kids !! 
This adorable little girl and I ran around and played and generally had a great time. 

Commando crawls are highly entertained for everyone involved ! 
Selfies, beers and cheers at the footy ! 
My uncle is a long time passionate Geelong fan, but living in Qld, has never been to a home game. 
There was high excitement, emotion and relief as the Cats won a great game. 

I love the atmosphere of a live game. 

Sunday was a mother and daughter day. 

And just one more photo of this cute lil munchkin. 

Hope you have a great week,