Parting is such sweet sorrow.....

I'm  a bit glum today.

My very, most favourite neighbours are moving away.

Well, they're not actually moving, but I won't see them anymore. You see, we made a point of catching up every Wednesday. But times change and we can't do that any longer.

Oh these people ! They are good people.

Crazy, funny, complicated, interesting, real, talented, honest and just a little dysfunctional.

But what family isn't a little dysfunctional.

This family has it all. Parents, who perhaps, should be thinking about retiring and taking up a hobby, but instead are still bed hopping, making questionable decisions and maybe drinking too much. However, they love their kids and grandkids. The heart of the home is the kitchen table where we've witnessed many a raucous family gathering.

There are three kids in the family. All grown with jobs (finally), some with their own homes and all with their own families and dramas. They all come back home though. To laugh, cry, be angry. And eat.

The boy child. Golden haired and youngest has taken his time to settle. To grow up. But he has and turned into a remarkable man. Husband. Father. And now Mexican food entrepreneur. He even got a haircut. He's a good soul and his wife and kids ground him.

The middle child. Let me get to her in a minute.

The eldest. Well, you can hear coming from a mile away ! Clack, clack, clacking down the street in her heels. Always in a hurry. Oversized bag slung over her shoulder. Usually shouting into her phone.
She's passionate. Wild. Always with a very strong opinion. Cross her family and you cross her. If you dare.
She's done it hard the last few years, lots of ups and downs. But I think she's going to be ok. We saw the loveliest reunion with her and her rocker husband last night. Passionate. Possibly ill advised.
They'll make it. It'll be loud and bumpy and passionate, but they'll make it. And they are a wonderful aunt and uncle to the growing brood of nieces and nephews.

As with every good tale, there is a support crew. The partners, colleagues and friends. This family keep you close. The colleagues become friends and family. This has lead to over sharing and awkwardness, but they muddle through. It's this continued drama and life's characters that I'll miss the most.

Now, the middle child. How do I describe her.
Smart, intelligent, good, anxious, loving, lovable, frustrating, independant, strong, vulnerable, highly strung, complicated.....
A doctor, she is very good at her job. A new mother. She has taken to this role better than anyone expected. With poise and grace and just the right amount of late night angst.
And in an extremely difficult scenario, you see last year, tragically, her partner was killed. Days before the birth of their child. Oh, it makes me cry just thinking about it.
The sight of her at his funeral. Alone in a sea of people. Widowed and nine months pregnant.
Theirs had been  a turbulent and passionate love story. He's the great love of her life.

She's a survivor though. She has survived this year and flourished as  a mother and sister and daughter.
All in her unique style. Oh, and talking style ! She is one stylish woman. I see her around Fitzroy, Northcote, Carlton in her unique mix of layers and boots. Never without a scarf. Never one to shy away from colour.

That's going to be a memory I keep. Her, walking the inner North Melbourne streets, over thinking and talking to herself, skinny jeans, great boots, flowing green top and floral scarf. Silver hoops dangling from her ears.

Maybe she's on her way to St Francis. To start a day of drama with Dr Clegg, Kim, Zarah and Cherie.

Maybe she's picking up Zoe from Geraldine's, where Darcy is playing the guitar and Geraldine has a glass of wine in hand.

Maybe she's heading to Jimmy's Tacos to help solve a Jimmy drama.

Maybe she's meeting Leo for coffee. Oh thank goodness for goofy, adorable, Leo !

Maybe she's heading to the pub. For one of Mick's gigs. Billie's there, telling  her that needs to have more sex and wash her hair.

Maybe she's headed home. With Zoe. And as she walks in the door, content to be home. Patrick will appear from the shadows with that smile of his.Oh that smile ! And those eyes...
Only in her imagination of course. As he lovingly watches of her and their daughter.

Maybe she'll be back in our lives.


Until then, farewell Nina.
Farewell Proudmans. 


  1. You know what I love about this - we wrote about the same subject today, in such different ways and we both used the word raucous!! I love your vision of the Proudmans.


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