NoBloLy.....where I was in July

So, how did everyone go with know, No Blogging in July !

I really struggled, and yes, cheated here. There was so much happening and loads to share.

Many a blog post was written in the shower or in the car, many photos were taken with blog posts in mind,
but, I stayed true and stayed away from the blog.

I even stayed away from reading your blogs and engaging in blog chats on facebook.

Did everyone else feel a little lost like I did ?

Like there was something you were supposed to be doing ? Somewhere you were supposed to be ?

Wait. I just checked my blog reader......was I the only one taking part in NoBloly ???

Oh dear !!

Ok, so confession time. There is no such thing as NoBloly.

I have no idea what to me happened in July. Actually I have no idea what happened to July. I'm sure I remember the 5th of July being just yesterday.

In between the market, a Ruby visit, some lost passports and sickness, July happened.

Blogging did not happen.

Like I said, If I could have posted direct from the shower or car, there would have plenty of well formed, interesting  and comment worthy blog posts. That however is not possible so the blog was left unattended.

So, I could sit here and apologise and promise to be better this month......but, well, we'll see.

The good news is, I did really miss blogging. Writing and reading. So that might inspire me.

How was your July ?

Are you freezing cold like we are in Melbourne ?

Heading to a market this weekend ?

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by and hope the cobwebs didn't get in your way !

Dee x


  1. No apology necessary! I actually thought this was a thing at the start! I also could have been involved! As this month the inspiration just wasn't flowing!

  2. Thank you Clare !
    Maybe it should be a thing....just to cut us a bit of slack !
    Enjoy looking back at your previous posts. I actually have something made for Master E, can you please email me your address so I can pop it in the post for him ?
    my email address is
    Cheers, Dee x


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