My Melbourne Winter Survival List....

Ok, so, just to state the's been very cold in Melbourne this week. Very cold.

I do love the four seasons, even when they occur all on the same day. I think Winter just takes some extra motivation. The instinct is stay in and hibernate. But we do Winter so very well in this fine city.....

Here's my Mebourne Winter Survival List....

1.Embrace the scarf/glove/boot/jacket combo.

2.See a show - Melbourne rewards you for leaving the house in winter with all her theaters putting on shows.

3.Cook - this weather calls for slow cooked red meat and equally delicious red wines. Baked goods - get that oven cranking and bake. The extra layers are forgiving of your baked goods.

4.Get outside - when the winter sun is shining, it doesn't matter what the temperature is. Walk to the park or pub..... Just take an umbrella. And wear layers.

5.Find an open fireplace and a great winter ale or glass of red. Clifton Hill Brew Pub has just been relaunched with a swanky new look, their own craft beers brewed on site and yep, a roaring open fire.

6.Leave town. If it's at all, possible......get out of the city and find some sunshine. Queensland is good for all year round sunshine (not much else, but it does have sunshine) and I do love a sojourn to Bali or a cruise to warmer climates.

7.Go to the footy. Nothing warms the blood more than cheering for your team and cheering against Collingwood and the umpires. With several games each weekend, we're spoilt for choice.

8.Get crafting - keep your hands busy and warm with crochet and knitting. You'll thank yourself this and next winter when you can wear your handmade gloves, mittens and scarves.

9.Eat in - host a dinner party, lunch or brunch. The more bodies in a house the warmer it is. Host a Mexican fiesta dinner party and pretend it's warm outside. Host a champagne brunch as it rains outside.

10.Winter is made for Sunday roasts and Sunday afternoons of tv marathons.

11.Take a drive to the country.

12.Make soup.

13.Visit NGV or another gallery, museum.

14.Go to a market and start your Christmas shopping. Seriously it was pitch black and freezing when those talented stallholders left home. Go along to a market and support local handmade. It'll make you, the stallholder and market organiser (trust me) feel all warm and fuzzy. And that has to be a good thing in winter.

Northern Regards Artisan Market 

So, there you have it. This list is very much to remind myself that staying in only feels good when you've been out !

What are you tips for surviving and thriving in a Melbourne Winter ?

Happy Monday and I hope the sun is shining where you are.

Dee x