My Melbourne : Piccadilly Market Williamstown

You would be forgiven for thinking that with all the markets I attend, that the last place I would want to be on a free weekend is another market.   You'd be wrong. 

I love markets. All markets. And would happily spend each weekend browsing handmade, farmers and second hand markets.  While that is certainly more than possible here in Melbourne, my budget and partner's tolerance does not stretch that far.

So, it was with excitement that I accepted an invitation from Nuffnang Australia to attend the very first Williamstown Piccadilly Market. 

The entrance to the market looked amazing with balloons, ribbons and lace.

Now, in my world of craft markets, having successfully built an amazing market presence in Geelong with Piccadilly,  the lovely Janina  is a bit of a rock star ! And yes, I had a total fangirl moment and told her so ! 

The market on June 22nd was Piccadilly's first foray into the Melbourne market scene. Held at the iconic and stately Williamstown Town Hall, the Piccadilly team put together a beautiful market. 

We were treated to a yummy picnic breakfast and much needed coffee before we took off on a scavenger hunt.  We dashed around the market, before it was open to the adoring public,  looking for clues......well until I was distracted by all the amazing goodies ! 

A very happy group of bloggers on a Sunday morning

the incomparable Koolaman Designs

After our scavenger hunt we were rewarded with the most amazing goodie bag I have ever seen !! 
It took some convincing when I got home that I didn't actually spend ALL our money on market day goodies. 

Bellalu - the most amazing lip balm EVER and beautiful stall presentation

I was also very lucky to win a voucher to spend on the day - see..... Instagram has it's benefts !
I bought myself a sheesh skirt which I LOVE and have worn many, many times since. 

I have to admit as a lover of handmade, I was a little surprised at the amount of non-Australian made goods available at some of the stalls. The debate of what constitutes handmade and hand designed rages on. 
That said, the market was beautiful and there were a great many stallholders that were completely Melbourne designed AND made. 

I think Piccadilly is a very welcome addition the Melbourne market scene. I wish Janina and her stallholders the very best of luck and I will definitely be popping into the next one :
Sunday November 9th 10am - 3pm, Williamstown Town Hall. 

From my stunning goodie bag...... Okay Luna, Dear Mabel, Unmatched Candles
this was just a small taster of the amazing goodies in our bag ! 


  1. Thanks for a lovely review and for coming on the day.
    I do want to clarify the hand made thing. In the beginning I started as just hand made and it became way too limiting and same same so I decided to broaden. Now it is handmade as well as designed by the seller but produced elsewhere (but not mass produced) and sometimes if there is something that is imported but is very unique, non mass produced and not readily available then I will let that in too. I aim to have a range of things to suit all types which then brings so many more people through the door.


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