Sunday Snippets : Dear Ruby

Dear Ruby,

Sunday Snippets is all about you this week. And sunshine. And being very cheeky ! 

Our holiday began and ended with  visits with you and your lovely Mumma. 

G teaching you to be cheeky !
Or cheekier ! You are such a funny lil thing.
So happy and chatty and involved in everything going on around you. 

You really are a dream to take out to lunch/brunch/dinner/ long as you can RUN afterwards. 

Back in Sydney post cruise and we explored - even taking a ride in teacups.
Which incidentally was a little too fast for me......not so much for you ! 

It's thirsty work being two and cheeky and cute. 

You have have SO many words now. You constantly amaze us with your new words and communication.
Here, you and G are having a great chat about the craft beer scene in Sydney.
You two....honestly you melt my heart lil one. 

No stranger to hotels, you went straight to the phone and ordered "spicy soup".

And that was two very quick visits. But, good news is, you and your Mumma are Melbourne bound....
THIS WEEK ! So, we'll have more opportunities for running in parks, learning new words and being ladies that lunch. 

See you soon sweet girl.

Dee xx


  1. littletedcanvas7 July 2014 at 17:54

    look at her tiny pig tails! so glad to see you had a wonderful holiday, lucky ducks x


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