Trusting Your Intuition and something new......

One of the things I love about the craft community, is the generous sharing of information.
A willingness to teach. A real desire to see others succeed.

Unless you're stealing ideas. If that happens....... you are dead to us ! 

Recently I attended a Creative Arts Business Seminar led by Susan Nethercote as part of the Creative Arts Business Seminar series by Darebin Council. The seminar was fantastic. Susan took us through her journey from market stall to running her own retail shop in Northcote with her Manqué clothing label.

One of the topics I always find really interesting is the idea of success and how we define it. We are told by big business and society, that bigger is best. Have a market stall that is a successful and invariably everyone will tell you to open a shop.

As Susan's story tells, opening a shop or bigger shop or warehouse does not necessarily equate to a higher income or more importantly increased job satisfaction.  Susan eloquently relayed that each addition to your business means you are giving yourself  'a new job'. Furthermore, she cautions, you better make sure that you like that job !

Discovering that actually being a store owner with rent to pay and employees to hire, fire and manage was not the 'job' that Susan wanted, she refocused her business, moved to the country and started a new business. 

It's this willingness and ability to take on new challenges together with the ability to acknowledge where your strengths lie that inspires me.

The other key point that I took from Susan's presentation is to trust your intuition.

Which is right now is leading me to start a new venture. To  support and help others grow and achieve their crafting dreams.

Craft Your Social Media Workshops : Whatever your social media needs are, I will come to you and establish the social media platforms to successfully promote your handmade business in your own time and pace.  The workshops are available to book through my bigcartel store. 

I'm excited to launch a new venture. To take all the lessons I have learnt over the last few years and help others. 

Excited. Also a little scared. However, my intuition, and initial feedback, tells me that I am on the right path. 

Wish me luck......


  1. Susan Nethercote11 June 2014 at 12:43

    Hey Dee, great blog! So nice to hear that you got some good stuff out of my seminar and that you are feeling inspired to start your new workshops! Feel free to email me a little schpeel about it and I'll be happy to pass it onto those needing some help in this department! Cheers, Suse x

  2. Thanks so much Susan ! I will definitely email you soon.
    Thanks again for such a great seminar. Dee x

  3. littletedcanvas12 June 2014 at 14:23

    Dee this is fabulous! Go lady! You'll be great, and it'll be great, best of luck x

    Mel @ loved handmade..I don't know how to change my disqus login

  4. Thanks Mel ! I've held my first workshop so I am good to go !
    Little Ted Canvas was one of the first blogs I ever read so I'll always know it's you !
    Thanks for commenting even though I've made it harder with disqus. Have a lovely weekend, Dee x


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