My Melbourne : Craft 'n Craft

What : Craft 'n Craft a recycling craft workshop part of Good Beer Week
Where : Thread Den, Collingwood
Out of five : FIVE !

When first perusing the Good Beer Week guide, I was very excited to see an event with Two Birds Brewing.  These brews are Melbourne made by two talented women. Golden Ale was one of my first favourite craft beers. As my tastes developed, I've also come to appreciate the Sunset Ale. As for Taco.....well a beer that compliments some of my favourite food is a very good thing.

I was even more excited when I read further that this was a CRAFT beer and handmade CRAFT event.

The idea of a couple of very good beers while making was one that appealed to me greatly.

Thread Den's Collingwood venue leant itself perfectly to 30 odd crafters trying their hand at 3 different crafts.

We upcycled beer boxes into cute note books.

The bottle caps from the beers we were drinking became earrings.

Then origami hops flowers. Can I just tell you how difficult that intricate folding was after 2 delicious beers....

I loved this event. It was everything I love. Craft, excellent beer and upcycling.

Kate and I had a great day with like minded lasses AND a few lads.

I'm definitely looking forward to the event returning next year.


  1. Betty-Rose @bettyroseandgeorge14 June 2014 at 19:11

    What a great combination of activities! The origami hop flowers look wonderful.

  2. Erica @ recycled fashion17 June 2014 at 13:46

    This is great Dee!

  3. Thanks Erica - it was loads of fun. Next year you'll have to come along with us.

  4. It was SO much fun ! Thanks for stopping by, Dee


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