Let's have a coffee...

Oh hi. How are you ? 

Thanks so much for calling in. The coffee machine is on.....would you like one ? 

Strong flat white with sugar ? Just like me ! 

So, what's news ??? Oh with me.....? So kind of you to ask....

Well, let me see.....

You know what I'm loving at the moment.......

Winter. I know, freezing as it's been the last two days. I do actually enjoy winter. One of the things I love about moving back to Melbourne is the four distinct seasons. For me, winter is embracing winters, boots, scarves and gloves. 
Toasty nights in with slow cooked meats and glasses of red. 
Melbourne makes an effort in Winter. There are shows to be seen, winters pubs and ales to be enjoyed. 
Mind you, it's the almost the perfect chance for a mid winter escape to somewhere sunny and warm.

Oh did I tell you I'm heading away on holiday? Yes ! A cruise to a warmer climate. 
Nothing to do but relax, read a good book, eat great food and hold hands with my lovely G. 
You're right. It's going to be just what I need and we are very lucky. 
To spend quality time with the woman I love without the distractions of phones, work and domesticity is a gift. I plan to enjoy every single moment.  

Hhmmmm the markets? Yes, going well. I do love running Northern Regards Artisan Market. It's our first birthday on July 5th did you know ? It's going to be a great day. Many talented stallholders, cake and champagne, befitting a birthday party. I'm really proud of us getting to our first birthday. It's a big learning curve but I'm loving it. 

Oh thankyou, yes, I crocheted that blanket for G's birthday. A labor of love. I'm so enjoying crocheting, especially in winter and nights on front of the tv watching Great British Bake Off. Are you crafting at the moment ? 

Oh wow, is that the time already ? 

Well thanks for popping over to the Inner North. Yeah, I love this Brunswick/Northcote/Thornbury area. So many great cafés, pubs, bars and restaurants. 

Thanks for popping in. Enjoy the rest of your day. 

Dee x 


  1. Betty-Rose @bettyroseandgeorge25 June 2014 at 21:00

    I'll have a soy piccolo please! I love boots, scarves and gloves too! Enjoy your holiday.

  2. I love winter too! And as you say, Melbourne's four distinct seasons is one of it's highlights for sure.

  3. Yes loves boots, scarves, glove, slow cooked meats and a glass of red. Oh can you order me a latte oh no make that a chai latte, too much coffee already today. Should I get a piece of that dleightful looking chocolate cake, yes! Why Not.

    Have a great cruise. Jo xx

  4. melbourneepicure4 July 2014 at 22:51

    Love this! ! Your blog is looking fabbo. See you soon x

  5. thank you lovely !!!
    indeed - see you soon x

  6. Absolutely have the chocolate cake !
    Thanks for stopping by Jo x

  7. The cruise seems like a LONG time ago no !
    Needed those layers and warm winter woolens today..... Have a great weekend, Dee x

  8. I'm a big fan of the 4 seasons. Hope you stayed warm today and thanks so much for stopping by. Dee :)

  9. Thank you ! Although the holiday is just a distant memory and credit card statement now :(
    Hope you had the gloves and scarves at the ready today !


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