Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris and glitter.....

It was 2003, New York and it was cold.

We were standing inline at the Half Tix booth in Times Square deciding which show we should buy tickets for later that night. 

And then I saw it. HUGH JACKMAN plays PETER ALLEN in THE BOY FROM OZ !

It was decided. I convinced G that it was the ONLY show to see and tickets were purchased. Tickets, I might add, so high and back from the stage that I almost got vertigo just getting to them.

But then Hugh sasheyed onto that stage and had us captivated for over 2 hours. 

I cried when he and the chorus belted out I Still Call Australia Home. I stood with the rest of the audience for a thunderous and thoroughly well deserved standing ovation.

Here was a story of an Aussie boy done good being playing by another Aussie boy under the 'bright lights of Broadway...' It was songs I had grown up listening to. 

Not only was this the story and music of an Aussie icon, but an Aussie icon who was gay. For the girl that was about to go home with her new found lesbianism in her backpack  this was a big deal. 

As we left the theatre with tears in our eyes and a song on our lips, we overheard a conversation between two American teenagers. It seems the young man had been lured to the show with the promise of seeing Hugh Jackman in a more, shall we say masculine role. 

"That is not what was I expecting from Wolverine!" I can't believe you made me watch that!"

I can't help thinking after watching the Tony awards today that another actor playing a strong gay character might just prompt a similar response. {Watch the Youtube clip at the end of this post!}

In Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Neil Patrick Harris plays a transgender punk rocker who's the victim of a botched sex change operation. 

Which is a very long way from this gay actor's most iconic, TV role as the womanising Barney. 

I like to think that through amazing performances like this, including the passionate pash that NPH gives his husband at the end of the performance, help to break down stereotypes and make gay, bisexual and transgender people more visible. More accepted. 

It's not that long ago that a kiss between two gay men would not have been tolerated on American TV - even at the Tonys ! 

So I applaud you both Hugh and Neil. In all your sequined, award winning, glitter glory. 

New York City - Top of The Empire State Building - November 2003

Important to note that I did have the hair cut to go with my new found lesbianism !!!

Neil Patrick  as Hedwig at the 2014 Tony Awards. Brilliant ! 


  1. Oh to have seen Hugh in The Boy From Oz, you lucky thing. How times have changed for the better. Jo xx

  2. Jo, it was one of the greatest things I've ever seen !
    Indeed they have. Thanks for stopping by, Dee x

  3. Wow we almost could have high-fived, I was in New York in October the same year, with my lesbian best friend (who lived in NYC) and my boyfriend (who didn't). Sadly we didn't get to see Hugh but several years later, when I moved to NY by myself, I lived for a while with that same friend and we got to meet him a few times, at events organised through her job (best job ever!!). During Gay Pride we spent time down in the West Village and she helped me understand a little about the fight for gay rights that was so much a part of that neighbourhood's history. We have come a long way. But still so far to go! Thanks for sharing this.

    ps. Also, HOW CUTE WERE YOU!!

  4. You've met HIM ! Now I'm jealous ! And I bet Mr Jackman is just as lovely in real life as he seems......if he's not, please don't tell me !
    I wished we could have lived in New York for longer...pesky visas.
    West Village really is the epicentre of gay rights and where I had my gay education as well.
    Thanks for stopping by Naomi xx


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