Blogging with Pip......Taking Stock

Remember I mentioned that I am doing a blogging course with Pip ?

Well, I am. And it's awesome.

A nice time to Take Stock :

Making : crochet. Lots of crochet. I'm officially a 'hooker' now. 

Cooking : Leek, sweet potato and tumeric soup for lunch - it's delicious. 
Drinking : BEER. Quite a lot of it this week. 
Reading: Blogs. Lots of blogs. 
Wanting: SLEEP. Alluding me at the moment and it's making me a bit cranky. 
Looking: forward to a holiday. 
Playing: why does this one have me so stumped ?? Maybe I need to inject some play....
Deciding: on what I want my blog header to look like. Any suggestions.......
Wishing: beer didn't contain alcohol. 
Enjoying: The atmosphere, community and ummm, beer of Good Beer Week.
Waiting: on something really important. We just have to patient. Trust the process. 
Liking: This weather. Sunny, crisp autumn days. Cooler nights....perfect for cosy nights in....pubs!
Wondering: what's in store for Nina on Offspring. I can't remember such a quality and engaging   Australian tv series on a commercial station in a very long time. It just gets better and better.
Loving: My G. She is a very funny, loving, happy woman. 
Pondering: what's next In a good way. 
Considering: how do I make the next thing happen.
Watching:  Wentworth. Offspring. Women led Aussie drama is a very good thing. 
Hoping: my pain settles back into this managable level for a while. 
Marvelling: at just how clever some people are.
Needing: just a little bit of sleep. Please. 
Smelling: Hops. Malt. Caramel. In beer.
Wearing: Boots and crocheted boot warmers. How did I not know about these ?
Following: New blogs and quite a few blog with pip classmates on Instagram. 
Noticing: a distinct increase in grey hair !! Need to see a hairdresser I think. 
Knowing: That I am very lucky. And grateful for it. 
Thinking: About Ruby Rose and her Mama and their family's travels.
Feeling: Angry and frustrated at our government. Such cruelty and beligerence shown. Especially to those most vulnerable.
Admiring: Mum and Dad's remarkable achievement of 40 years of marriage. 
Sorting: dates and speakers for upcoming KEEP Craft Your Business workshops. 
Buying: Handmade from etsy. Usually at 3am. Gifts and items to {finally} start adding touches to make this house more of a home. 
Getting: Stiff. Now that the pain has settled, I need to be stretching and getting back to the pool. 
Bookmarking: a great read borrowed from tinniegirl. I needed a good book to escape into. 
Disliking: Budget. Still. And the attitude of our government. 
Opening: snail mail. Parcels in the letterbox make me very happy.
Giggling: at silly things with G. Especially after the much mentioned beers. 
Feeling: good. Some light at the end of the tunnel. Snacking: always. 
Coveting: a Deadwood Creative bracelet.  
Wishing: some of my favourite people lived closer. 
Helping: promote handmade is one of the things I want to do with this blog. 
Hearing: great show tunes on Pandora. It's a good thing nobody can hear me singing along to Gravity at 11am ! 

How are you feeling ?

It's almost the weekend.....enjoy. 



  1. Ooh I love this. You can tell so much from such a simple idea! Thanks for sharing you!!! x

  2. Leek sweet potato and tumeric soup sounds delish! Enjoyed reading your taking stock :-)

  3. Great to read your list too! :)

  4. Thanks Katie ! This was a great 'assignment'.

  5. It was delicious ! Thank you - i really liked this 'assignment'.

  6. I think that's why I love it so much Pip. Thank you for your encouraging words and inspiring posts.


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