Beer, beer, beer......

I've got a funny feeling that when you mention 'beer drinker' there's a certain image that comes to mind.

It might be look a bit like this :

Of course, if you mention craft beer, then the image that comes to mind might be a more modern interpretation :

Image borrowed from here

Well, here's another one : 

It's fair to say that photos of beer and, G with beer, feature quite heavily on my camera roll, but the only photo of the two of us together, drinking beer is from  Christmas ! New mission for this week ! 

Because beer drinkers we are. Well. My G has been converted for a long time. I'm a little later to the party, a little less knowledgable, a little less fanatical. But still keen. 

I love the craft beer scene. The innovation. The attention to detail. The flavour. The artwork. The small bars that are popping up supporting craft beer makers. The community of like minded makers and drinkers.

In fact it's a lot like the handmade scene. And I like it a lot. 

This week in Melbourne is Good Beer Week ! A week to celebrate and enjoy some rare brews. 

It's a week that my G approaches with great gusto ! There may even be some holiday leave involved.....I kid you not. And lunchtime drinking (excuse any spelling mistakes). 

This week we will be exploring some favourite haunts and some discovering some new. 

A few highlights :

Craft 'n Craft at Thread Den with Two Birds Brewing.  - It's beer, craft and upcycling !
Feral Brewing and Horn Please food and beer pairing.  
GABS - Great Australiasian Beer SpecTAPular at Exhibition  Buildings in Carlton. 
NZ tap take over at The AleHouse Project
Feral tap takeover at the Terminus Hotel Fitzroy North
Pope Joan beer and food Degustation : MEGA DEGA 

And then next week, there may need to be some detoxing ! 

Happy Good Beer Week !