The Herbert Cafe : Northcote

Silver linings right ???

My current (extremely high) pain level has left me incapable of driving. 

It's also required many visits to my super amazing Osteopath and Massage therapists. 

And public transport. 

I'm not a 'check the timetable' type public transport user. More a 'well, I'm ready and I have crochet, so let's go' type. 

Which means that I am often early for appointments. Here's where the silver linings kick in. 

The Herbert is all the things I love in a cafe.  An inviting space. great green initiatives and most importantly GREAT coffee.

Looking at a space and thinking outside the box, you know, like a market in a dark band room of a pub ,The Herbert is located in what was a car park. With some clever building and graffiti covered brick walls, the space is transformed and is now a perfect and at times busy cafe. 

All opposite Northcote train station and just a short walk to Northcote High street. 

Did I mention the really good coffee ? 

It's my new favourite spot and you can often find me and my crochet nursing a strong flat white. 

You can find The Herbert at 41 Arthurton Road, Northcote and on  Instagram The Herbert Cafe on Urbanspoon


  1. Ooh sounds nice. I hope you make a habit of documenting these little spots, always good to know..

    Also, so sorry to hear your pain has been so bad, I hope you're improving and on the mend very soon x


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