Standing still.....fingers crossed

So, if you follow along on Instagram, you might have heard that we were facing another move.

I was not happy Jan !

However, excluding any further real estate incompetence, it looks like we can stay.

Stand still for a while.

Unpack ALL the boxes.

Fall in love with our new neighbourhood.

Feather our nest.

It's been so unsettling not knowing if we were staying or going.

I'm sure it's added to my recent pain.

Hopefully, that's behind us.

I've started the decorating. Finding the right spot for our collections and treasures.

Care for a wee tour..... ?


  1. look at your gorgeous front door! I love setting up house, fingers crossed for you that its long term x

  2. Looking gorgeous Dee. And so glad that you finally get to settle for a while.


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