Pa : Lest We Forget

Alongside the long weekend of Easter festivities, Good Friday is an important day in our family's calendar. 

We remember and celebrate my Pa and his Rats of Tobruk Army mates. 

Good Friday marks the anniversary of their most significant  battle in the Middle East in World War 2. 

Every year I remember the service that Pa and his mates would hold with reverence and gratitude. 

And, in Aussie spirit, the afternoon after the service, was spent with sandwiches, pots of beer, tall tales and laughter. 

As these men and their remarkable wives have passed, the younger generations have taken on the mantle on honoring this date in our history. 

This photo amazes me. 

What were the thoughts of this young strapping country boy ? 

24, drinking beer in the middle of the desert. Far away from the family farm in country Victoria. Serving his country.  

Was he scared about not making it home ? 

He did return. Married a beautiful girl and raised two talented daughters. Five happy grand kids. 

I'm forever grateful for the sacrifices of my Pa and his army mates. Grateful for their friendship, comeradie and sense of history. 

Today we toast to you. 

I miss  you Pa x


  1. Beautiful. My grandpa was a rat of Tobruk also. Love that you have kept on his tradition.


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