Handmade Mother's Day Shopping

How I'm not sure, but Mother's Day is definitely just around the corner.

I always like to buy something handmade for Mum and make her something myself.

Here are some of my faves for this year's Mother's Day shopping.

Timber Arcadia wooden lights, Kate Campbell Designs Pendant, Vintage Cake Stand by Jean and Ivy
Succulents by Holly, Purse by Nellie, Heirloom piece by Made by a Mzungu
Upcycled Map Village by Tra La La, Pottery by River Wife Clay 
and the one I am about to order just now......Vintage Spoon by Silver Spoon Vintage

Lucky for me (and you) almost all these clever handmade ladies will be at Northern Regards Artisan Market and Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market in time for Mother's Day. 

What's on your wish list for Mother's Day this year ???