Dear Ruby........The Birthday Stills Edition "

Dear Ruby.......

Oh my sweet girl !

Even though it wasn't quite your birthday we celebrated your second "Happy Happy" this weekend. 

Those big brown eyes melt my heart. 

Always so very BUSY. This time telling Daddy that we were at the cafe. 

Your mama and I are stayed up late and "styled" your Happy Happy.
Lots of lollies. And pink.

Bewildered. I think you were a little bemused that we were all wearing pink party hats. 

Luckily your big sis was on hand to help blow out the candles. 

I think the airport toy was a hit ! Especially as you fly off on another adventure soon. You were very busy telling everyone who goes in the aeroplane. 

This was your sweet reaction to your Mummy, Daddy, big sister, big brother, Georgie and I singing Happy Birthday. Or 'Happy Happy'. I'm not sure you could quite believe it really was all for you. 

Sweet, sweet girl. 

Showing DOG, your constant companion, your birthday cake.

So very chuffed and pleased with cake and presents and extra kisses you were.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.
You are funny, smart, demanding, mischievous, cheeky, adorable and very lovable.
You are a joy in our lives.

Love Dee Dee xx


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to your sweet Ruby! Another beautiful post, she will love these so much when she's big x


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