Dear Ruby.....A big two year old

Dear Ruby,

You are TWO years old today. 

Off on another adventure with your mummy, daddy, big sister and big brother. 

You are such a good little traveller. I think it's all the trips to Melbourne to visit with us. 

You're a funny little thing Ruby.

At the moment you are constantly on the move. Busy and loud. 

You have your own little language and many a tale to tell. 

You love all things with engines and wheels. Cars, trucks, diggers, trains, planes, helicopters....anything that moves. For your birthday we gave you a toy airport and car set. 

Lately you have become very attached to your babies. Or "baya" as you like to call them.
Feeding them, rocking them to sleep and taking them EVERYWHERE ! 

And of course, Dog. Your constant companion. 

You adore your big sister and big brother. Your eyes light up when they enter the room. 

Your daddy makes you laugh. 

Your mama is your greatest teacher. The smart, funny, independent girl you are becoming is because of her. 

Dee Dee and George (with a D in your lil language) love you very much. Your mama sent us a very cute video of you saying you missed us after we left Sydney. Melted my heart ! 

Happy Birthday sweet girl. 

Enjoy your birthday and have a happy holiday. 

We love you Ruby.