Blogging, coffee and thrifting....! Oh my !

"So, how do you know these women you are meeting?''

"Well.....define 'know' "

This was the conversation between my beloved and I as she drove me to the station EARLY on a fine Sunday morning. I was off to meet some bloggers for a morning of market thrifting, chatting and lunch.

Now, technically, I didn't know any of the lovely ladies. Except......I felt like I did.

Recycled Fashion was one of the very first blogs I ever followed.  Add to that,  Erica and I  have had many a conversation, so I definitely felt  like I knew her, even if this was the first time we'd actually met.

You get it right ??? Yep. I knew you would.

Erica had invited a lovely group of bloggers  along to Camberwell Market for a spot of thrifting and lunch.

Occasionally not being able to drive has it's perks. 
Only two trains and a read of the paper and I was there with no parking hassles in sight. 

Camberwell Market is an eclectic mix of the fabulous and not so fabulous. Vintage and not so vintage.

Fashion, homewares, jewellery, fabric....and everything in betwee. 

It literally has something for everyone.

These brooches were my fave find of the day ! 

Made by upcycling old wooden rulers, they were everything my brooch wearing, upcycling loving heart was looking for. The character who makes and sells them regaled us with tall tales (see what I did there!) of how he makes them, where he finds his rulers and the most popular design. Which much to his dismay was the very one his wife suggested. We heard the distinct ringing of an " I told you so" in this tale.

After browsing the market and making our purchases, we headed to My Other Brother for a well deserved coffee and brunch. Put a bunch of like minded bloggers together and there is no shortage of conversation.

I came home with a few market treasures and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when people who know online turn out to be just as lovely in real life.
And you discover even more lovely people that blog, snap photos and write beautifully.

And then I napped for five hours.

Thanks Erica and Nuffnang for organising and hosting.


  1. that sounds like such a great day out!!

  2. How wonderful! I've wanted to visit that market forever. It's quite difficult to explain to people about these online friends. So many I feel really close to and we've never actually met, funny isn't it. It's a beautiful network of like minded women I feel so lucky to have in my life x

  3. It was so nice to finally meet you, Thanks for such a lovely write up - a great day had by all!


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