Taking Stock

Hi there. How are you ? Did you survive that heat ok ?

I'm loving the slower pace and holiday vibe at the moment....though work, good work, is starting to pull my attention away from the endless book reading and crocheting sessions. 

I like the time to stop, think, ponder and plan at this time of year.

Pip's taking stock list is the perfect chance to do just that : 

Making : anything I feel like ! It's so liberating and a lot of fun sewing for fun.
Cooking : the same old 7 meals I'm afraid. I am determined to break out of this habit......soon.
Drinking : gin and tonics. In the heat, these and air con kept me (almost) sane.
Reading: books. Just finished Wally Lamb's newest. I need a book chat if anyone has read it......
Wanting: to feel settled.
Looking: at realestate.com AGAIN !
Playing: endless hours of Broadway musicals and singing along.....loudly.
Deciding: to buy or rent.
Wishing: that two of my favourite people lived a little bit closer.
Enjoying: George's company.
Waiting: for market season to start up again.......not long to wait. First market is February 1st ! 
Liking: the hours I spend crocheting. 
Wondering: what the year will bring.
Loving: that craft night is back tomorrow night ! 
Pondering: what does one wear to a radio interview.
Considering: what does one SAY at a radio interview.
Watching: Stephen Fry's Out There
Hoping: that homophobia, ignorance and intolerance are soon a thing of the past.
Marvelling: at tennis players.
Needing: a massage. Road trip was good for my soul, but not good for my neck.
Smelling: the magic quartet of chilli, coriander, lemon grass and ginger.
Wearing: pjs today - a much needed day at home.
Following: so many talented and inspiring people on Instagram.
Noticing: quirks about our new neighbourhood.
Knowing: that it will all work out fine in the end.
Thinking: about ideas for the markets and the year ahead.
Feeling: unsettled. Eager. Almost impatient.
Admiring: how hard my G works.
Sorting: dates and family and menus for the busy weekend coming up.
Buying: vintage sheets in country op shops ! My cousin and I had so much fun.
Getting: nervous about the radio interview tomorrow ! 
Bookmarking: properties. Recipes. Market ideas.
Disliking: Propery Managers ! 
Opening: a bottle of NZ sauv blanc.
Giggling: with my cousin and her sweet lil girl.
Feeling: hopeful.

Are you taking stock ??



  1. Craft night, that's what I need! good luck with the radio interview and have fun! x

  2. I've been meaning to take stock too - this week perhaps. I need to free my mind of all those thoughts and get it on (virtual) paper. At least it's an excuse to stay inside in the air conditioning...we're back to high 30℃ days here and the air is already thick. G&T sounds great right about now. Too early?

    All the best with your interview - you'll rock it, and yes, have fun! Xx


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