My word for 2014



This is my word  for 2014. 

I want to do things WELL.
That doesn't mean having to be the best, or have the highest numbers......just do things well.

I want to be well.
Think well. Eat well. Drink well. Feel well.

I also want to use the word well to pause. 
To often I say yes. Or no. 
Thinking I have to do everything asked of me. 
Thinking I can't do something because I lack the expertise, confidence or energy. 

Well.......maybe I can apply for that job. 
Well.........actually no, I can't commit to that. 
Well.......yes, I'd love to.

I'd like to hear myself say and mean these lines this year.

Do you have one word for 2014 ?

Dee x


  1. Hi Dee - well is a great choice for the year. So many things are not done well at all! Well shows careful attention to detail and huge consideration.

    We all linked our 'one word' posts up together and invite you over!


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