Hello 2014.....you fresh faced, bright young thing you !

Hello 2014, you freshed face, bright young thing you.

Welcome ! 

I have a feeling you and I are going to get along well. 

I'm not setting you unrealistic goals, commandments or resolutions.  

I am thinking of a word or phrase that you and I can take on board to guide us. 
I think a list of things to do, to consider, to enjoy, to repeat, to aim for is a much better plan.

So, in no particular order, here are 36 things that we can do this year.....
1.crochet a granny square a day 
2. to market, to market
3. use those recipe books
4. move ! (this was my word for 2013 - and it did propel me forward throughout the year....just not as much body moving ie excersing as I should have and could have done) 
5. make
6. nuture friendships
7. be grateful
8. visit ngv
9. upgrade my camera
10. finish Ruby's scrapbook BEFORE her 2nd birthday
11. Plan B 
12. start a herb garden
13. work 
14. tricycle
15. buy a house in Melbourne
16. explore our new neighbourhood 
17. continue our budgeting ways
18. don't sweat the small stuff 
19. crochet a zig zag blanket
20. make more dresses for me
21. walk
22. shop local
23. cancel my credit card
24. Blog my favourite places in Melbourne
25. eat well
26. see at least two new comedians at the Melbourne Comedy Festival 
27. know my physical limits 
28. at least once a month,  buy a new book from a real book store
29. fill our outdoor table with family, friends, food, wine and laughter
30. drink more water
31. take Pip's blog course
32.discover new favourite places in Melbourne
33. learn another new craft
34. take at least one Laneway Learning class
35. keep it simple
36. have fun !


  1. what a great list! so much on there i'd like to do myself, and isn't it crazy that drinking water is such an effort, I'm SO bad at this! x

  2. Such a good list!! Hoping you share your adventures!


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