Farewell 2013 and thanks for the memories....

Dear 2013,

I've heard you've been given a bad report card by a lot of people, quite justified in most cases.
However, for me....you were pretty good.

we celebrated G's birthday in style and I fell even more in love with my best friend....

Miss Ruby ! You are a funny, cheeky, smart, lovely lil thing. 
Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market grew to six times a year.

Northern Regards Artisan Market was launched ! 

We acheived quite a lot together. 

Certainly travelled a great deal. Ate some fatastic meals. Quality time spent with people I love.
Health was pretty good, sure I didn't lose the weight I planned to, but at the end of the year I find myself stronger, wiser and a little more resolved than I was in January.

"Ladies that Cruise"

Sailing out of Sydney on Diamond Princess.
Sailing into a Melbourne sunrise.
Spending quality time with G's mum.

So thanks for the memories 2013 !

Dee xx

and yes, this blog post is a bit overdue.....but no need to rush these things right ???


  1. I agree, 2013 was a great year and I'm so glad to see you had a blast! May 2014 bring you even more love and joy xx

  2. certainly lots of smiling going on for 2013....keep it up!. im sure 2014 will be as much if not more fun . Al x

  3. Looks you had a great year! Bring on 2014!

  4. great year with great friends ! xxx


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