Christmas....all that sparkles and shimmers.

Each year I wonder if THIS is the year that I grow up.
That this is the year that I realise, like most adults, 
that while it is a special day, Christmas is just another day. 

I thought it might be this year.....
our Christmas build up was filled with lots of work, moving house (!) and then a beautiful holiday. 

I missed the neighbourhood carols and my tree.

And yet, as I wrapped presents on the 23rd and headed to my parent's place on the 24th.....
it was there ! 

That anticipation. The excitement. The sheer joy that is CHRISTMAS.

Christmas Eve with my family : Carols, plenty of  food and wine and laughter. 

Sure enough, I bounded out of bed on Christmas morning,
threw on my Santa suit and ran to the tree like an excited 3 year old. 


I am however, growing up. 
We went for a long walk AND had breakfast before we gathered around the tree......
with Champagne cocktails. 

Our gifts are exchanged with a heavy dose of laughter, love and thoughtfulness. 
Let's hope so, as Dad gifted Mum (among other gifts) a new IRON ! 

Wrapping paper is cleared and everyone gets on with 'their' jobs for Christmas Lunch.

My brother in charge of the cooking.
Mum is able sous chef.
Dad......hhmmm is pottering and singing Christmas carols to yourself a job ??
My George retreats for a much needed break (we can be a little much for her on Christmas Day)
and I set the table. 

The rest of the family arrive with much laughter and hugging. 
And then the food, wine, presents and good humour starts all over again. 

This is what Christmas is for me. 

My beloved family sharing gifts, food, laughter and memories. 

This is the Christmas created by my grandparents and their memory lives on.

It's in the plum pudding recipe I use, the wine we drink as we toast them, the jokes and calls to the table. 

It's also the new traditions and memories that we are making as adults.

It is my favourite day of the year. 

I hope you found the magic in Christmas and enjoyed the day with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas, 
Dee x


  1. Beautiful, Dee, just beautiful. I'm glad the excitement and love is there for you in such a special way--and that your Dad got away with buying your Mum and IRON (???) as a gift ! in some relationships, I know, this is grounds for divorce ;0


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